A disappointing start but a ‘Invincible’ finish to 12/13 – So let’s start that way in August

Bangladesh Gooners
Bangladesh Gooners

At the end of last week the ‘Global Gooner Passion’ tour arrived in Bangladesh with @AaronyZade.  Aarony told us how she fell in love with Arsenal and it was a superb interview. In the piece she mentioned the 2 others mad Gooners who help her run the unofficial Bangladesh fan club and facebook page. One of those guys was Shams Ud Dowla (@shams_arsenal) and Shams himself and summarised his feelings beautifully in Bangladesh Part 2…….

Good morning,

It’s raining heavily in Bangladesh after few days of scorching summer heat.

Ah we are relaxing now. The word “relax” means to make less tense or rigid. So when was the last time Arsenal fans went to sleep with a relax mood? 8 years ago. Ah, we all want those relaxing nights, smiley mornings back. Am I right?

So, a lot of us thinking is it possible? 8 years of misery and it’s all gone in a fortnight? Seriously? Let me tell you Sir, I am optimistic, I am optimistic because what I have seen in the second half of the season from Arsenal was wonderful, was a champions’ fight. It was a new team; a new belief was missing in it. Serious individual errors from defenders were costing us games after games, everyone thought there you go, they are surely going to miss CL next season. But one man didn’t believe that? Not for one second. He said “oh, wait wait, HOLD ON A SECOND, are you saying Arsenal is going to finish under Spuds? Tell that to your reflection on the mirror, NOT ME”


All he had to do is to be ruthless, to be tough… his win it or lose it (spot in the team) worked like magic. He finally found the defensive combo which actually was brilliant. Per the ever calm leader and Kos the boss turned our season for good. Is that a disappointment to finish forth? Like Giroud who most of you think is a disappointing signing?


Disappointing? Maybe not
Disappointing? Maybe not


Well the results looks to be a disappointment if you look at the whole season, but if you consider where we were before the SPUD game you will find it’s outstanding. We wanted to show the doubters we can turn things around and we did. Thanks a lot to Mikel Arteta who was a major boost to us for his vision, leadership and fighting spirit. He stood up in the dressing room when he was given the armband from disappointing Verma and said “listen guys, this is the Arsenal, let’s do it…we are not showing our true colors…lets do it boys” (I made those quotes FYI)

Trust me. It was impressive from him. About Giroud I just want to say HE IS NOT A FLOP. 17 goals and 11 assists in his first season were to me good if not very good. Then we had Santi who won Arsenal POTS, actually our only WORLD CLASS PERFORMER (I would love to add 2nd half Ramsey to that list too)

Players who disappointed me were Sagna and Verma but who surprised me most was Theo. What a season he had, everyone thought after signing the ting he lost his pot but he proved them wrong as well as those who thought he can’t score 20+ goals in a season. But yes he is not a CF and we have to accept it.

Lastly Mr. Arsene Wenger what a guy, what a man you are. Thank you Boss for staying with us and I know with the likes of Suarez/Higuain, A DM, A GK and Cesc (ooops did I just mentioned his name?) he can bring those glory days again. Who knows? Another Invincible may be waiting there…

Before I sign off…my two heroes of last season celebrating their success.

Sham's Heroes celebrate
Sham’s Heroes celebrate

Thank you Boss, thank you Mikel. Thank you ARSENAL for a heart stopping season.

With this sort of team spirit, confidence and winning mentality how can we not be confident for the new season. The early indications are that the form has carried over into the pre-season and we hope that Wenger will bring in some quality additions that will add to the current blend of youth and experience.

I can’t wait for the kick off!

Thanks for reading


Thank you Shams for another wonderful addition to the now rich history of ‘Global Gooner Passion’ articles on 1ND2OU

Where shall we go next?

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