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I have planned my week away from Monday 19th to Monday 26th so will be at Villa and Fenerbahce but I am unlikely to be able to write anything too serious before I go. That being said a few have asked if I am blogging ahead of the opener so here is a collection of randomness:

Each thought leads to another

–          We should have strengthened before the Champions League  deadline and we have not.

–          Gustavo would have been a big name and appeased the fans short term, but he was not the answer and certainly not at £130k per week.

–          I think we will smash our current wage structure this summer and pay someone over £150k per week but the Brazilian for me was not the player to set that precedent.

Not as highest paid player for me
Not as highest paid player for me

–          The club can and will pay someone a lot more than those we have. The social equality days are numbered in the wage policy I am sure but the existing team spirit and camaraderie is the best since 2007/8 so it needs to be a player our current squad recognises as a ‘star.’

–          In short it needs to be a player our current players look up to.

–          Rooney, Fabregas, and Rooney as players of that ilk but Gustavo is not.


Don't mess with this
Don’t mess with this

–          Do I think we will buy a big name striker? Yes

–          Do I hope it is Suarez or Rooney? I am not 100% convinced on either but my views is that Suarez if we do break the bank would play wide left and the forward line would be LS, OG and TW.

–          If we bought Rooney I could see a reversion to the old system and Rooney playing off Giroud.

–          For the record I think not buying Wilfred Bony might have been a mistake but that is a very personal view.

–          I am equally convinced as I wrote earlier this week that Giroud will have a huge second season.

–          I love Podolski and hope he performs as I think we all know he can. You simply do not score 49 international goals for a nation such as Germany and win 100 plus caps if you are not a top footballer.

–          However I am no longer convinced he can play centrally in our current formation and Wenger has shown huge reluctance to change to a 2 striker system.

–          I envisage his impact being significant from the left flank but whether this is 2nd half substitute of from outset in games remains to be seen.

–          I still prefer Santi Cazorla as a central attacking midfielder and am unconvinced by him on the left as he does not support Giroud and become the 2nd striker when the attack if from the right.

–          That said he is our best and most creative and until Jack/Rosicky step up there will be huge onus on the diminutive maestro

–          This will be Mozart’s last season I am sure and I would love him to leave with silverware of stay as a player coach. His influence on the likes of Jack and Ramsey is positive but on Gnabry, Eisfeld and Zelalem,  greater still I suspect.

TR7 still a conductor on pitch and off
TR7 still a conductor on pitch and off

–          If Arteta would undoubtedly have started the season as skipper on the pitch and at the base of a 3 man central midfield. Now he is injured this will be interesting.

–          Per will skipper the side and Ramsey will play the anchor role as he did so effectively against West Ham and Brighton last term.

–          This will leave Jack at box to box where I prefer him. This means a choice between Santi and Mozart at CAM. I would go Santi and have Poldi at LW but I suspect Wenger will stick to what did the job on the run in.

–          The implications of this could be far reaching. If it works will ‘Le Boss’ stick with Ramsey and Wilshere and that could be the future.

–          I suspect he won’t as he sees Jack as a CAM. Do I agree with him? No I do not as he lacks the killer pass and vision of a Cesc or a Santi in that role. Long term possibly but now I see him as a box to box player full of energy etc.

–          If I am right and AW brings Arteta straight back then it will be as we were at the end of the last campaign but with Jack at CAM and not Mozart.

–          The other possibility which I assume must be in their minds is to be a specialist defensive midfielder who just sys in front of the back four, allowing the other 2 more license to create.

–          Arteta is not quick enough hence the double piv0t with Rambo but a specialist would give 2 of Jack, Rambo, Arteta, Rosicky or even Ox free reign

–          I do see Ox has the apprentice CAM and would love to see him given more game time in the centre. His running style is a good alternative against tight defences when we are failing with the vision and killer pass.

–          I f we do go the specialist DM route you all know who I want and that is Morgan Schneiderlin. More interceptions and tackles than ant midfielder in Europe, fast, physical and elegant. Saints tied him to a new deal in January because United saw him as the heir apparent to Carrick but this could easily be just to ensure a better price.

The answer if specialist DM is the question
The answer if specialist DM is the question

–          The St Mary’s outfit have signed Wayama from Celtic so I am certain a £12 million or so bid would be hard to Southampton to turn down.

–          On the subject of a club signing replacements why on earth has no one, particularly US bough Begovic from Stoke when they have signed Butland? Mystery to me.

–          Woj is good but he is not a keeper yet to win a league for us. I know we bid for Alex McCarthy from Reading early on in the window and showed interest in Cesar so I do see a new keeper in before the window shuts.

–          I do not however think we will sign another wide player. I am sure if we wanted one we would have tried Joel Campbell this term

–          Theo will I predict have a Massive season for us and f0r his country. This will be his defining season and I genuinely see him hitting well over 20 for Arsenal from the right flank.

Theo 24 Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League-1510577

–          A slightly left field prediction is that we will see Theo start from the right on occasion this season and also switch more with Cazorla or Podolski during games

–          Both Gnabry and Ryo will be given their chances this autumn.

–          Another player who will have a defining season will be Laurent Koscielny. We all see it already but other supporters and even pundits do not. 2013/14 will see Kozza fill his back pocket continuously, feature in the Premiership team of the year and stay at the World Cup

–          Many supporters feel we do not have world class performers but I feel we may all feel differently come May and the non Gooners will perhaps see what we see.

To be crowned King Koz
To be crowned King Koz

–          What have I missed? Oh yes as I predicted Sagna will be our cover CB until TV5 is fit but I do predict a further defender will arrive and that will be deadline

–          I think Gibbs and Monreal will share the game time but I see Gibbs as first choice and see him as have the potential to cover Baines in the summer should England make it

–          Delicious irony if it is Gibbs that prevents Ashley Cole going to Brazil and don’t rule it out.

–          I think Bac will sign an extension but will only stay until the summer anyway as Jenko or Bellerin even will be ready.

–          Finally will we sign a big name star this summer? Yes I think we will

–          Those who know suggest friction between IG and AW and I feel they are correct. AW has too much power for sure and despite claiming he has the best intere4tes of the club at hear he needs to accept there is more than one view on those interests.

–          Should Ivan have come out publically and put pressure on AW? Probably not.

–          Did it have the opposite of the desired effect? Certainly yes.

–         Would I like to see David Dein back in some capacity? Yes I would

–        Usmanov has finally been given 2 seat’s in the Directors Box and assuming they are not both for him ?!?

–       Chips is friends with Dein I feel and Usmanov is to have a seat at the table I am sure Silent Stan would sooner a representative than the man himself.

–        Enough of the politics ans I know nothing!

Strained relationship
Strained relationship

–          Is there time to still make the moves? Yes absolutely and the domino effect of the first few big moves will begin next week I am certain.

–          Can we overcome the Turks without new additions? Yes of course.

–          Should we have to? 100% no but we should not but we are where we are and as I have said before this current blend have something about them.

–          There is a steely determination I have not seen 2005 in this side and I have an excellent feeling about this season.

–          4 players through the spine over the same quality of ideally better and 2013/14 could just be our season.

–          Although of course I say that every year!!

–          Oh and if we concede less than 30 goals we will win the Premiership

This is just a collection of thoughts that rolled into one another and I hope there is some coherence and some sense in my thoughts? If there is not I apologise in advance and I am sure you will tell me anyway.

Roll on 3pm Saturday and look out Villa your guys are going to take one hell of a beating!

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  1. “For the record I think not buying Wilfred Bony might have been a mistake but that is a very personal view.”

    If you feel that missing out on Bony was a mistake, surely you must feel similarly about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? I feel like Dortmund got him early and for a pittance. Looked like a quick grab to help heal some wounds when Lewandowski left, but now with RL remaining for the year it looks like, that has every indication to be an absolutely frightening pair.

    “This will leave Jack at box to box where I prefer him. This means a choice between Santi and Mozart at CAM. I would go Santi and have Poldi at LW but I suspect Wenger will stick to what did the job on the run in.

    The implications of this could be far reaching. If it works will ‘Le Boss’ stick with Ramsey and Wilshere and that could be the future.”

    I know this is really making a reach, but is it plausible that if the pieces fall just right, we could be seeing a long term future of Ramsey (DM), Wilshere (B2B), Zelalem (CAM), Theo (RW), Ox (LW)? I know that Ox is being deployed more in the midfield now, but he has every ability to be just as deadly on the left. And considering that Santi and Podolski are both advanced in age comparatively, I could see him being moved into the LW role as they are shifted out, while the CAM role seems to be Zelalem’s destiny if he continues to progress like we all hope.

    ” I think Bac will sign an extension but will only stay until the summer anyway as Jenko or Bellerin even will be ready.”

    If Bacary does sign the extension, I have to believe it will be two years minimum before we are really considering letting him go. While Jenkinson and Bellerin may very well advance to the point where Sagna is no longer necessary at RB, I think his play at CB has coincidentally thrown his Arsenal career a huge lifeline.

    1. You nailed it man. Lewo and Aubs are going to be a crazy good pair. And I think their new addition in Mkhitaryan will be a great swing man in the middle for them to link with. They will miss Gotz, but with the emergence of Gundogan, I think they’ll be ok.

      I do wonder though, why don’t Arsenal go for Lewondowski? Offer Dortmund way over what his one year is worth and toss him 150k/wk. Is he that deadset on Bayern that he won’t come here? Is Wenger that blind to pay 250K for Rooney, but not 150K+ for Lewo? Tell me what I have missed if this has already been discussed please…

      1. Everything I have seen points to Lewandowski being willing to stock around a year and leave on a free transfer in the summer. I’ve also seen reports that BVB have actually given him a pay raise for the year, likely in an attempt to keep him from pouting to heavily and to also perhaps help convince him next summer to stick around and decide not to go to Munich.

        I think any attempt by arsenal to lure Lewandowski is more of a waste of time than anything.

  2. really really wish I shared your optimism as to how good the current squad is! They depressed me last season and proved on countless occasions that they didn’t have the quality to dictate play even against supposedly inferior teams and i’m not going to believe for a second that a summer beak has made them better players than they were when they were struggling to beat a hapless Newcastle team 1-0.

    We weren’t good enough last term and won’t be good enough this term! the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Everyone around us has strengthened while we remain stagnant!
    As I say… really wish I could share your optimism cos I hate not having faith in my teams ability to beat the likes of Villa! this club has fallen a long way in 5 years!

    1. Hey jay honey, you’re here too.. Moaning through internet aren’t you?

      So lemme ask you, how many goals against arsenal last season?
      And how many goals for arsenal last season?
      Now, how does those goals compare to other teams?

      And the not so good away arsenal beat the unbeatable UEFA CL champion?
      Then arsenal went unbeaten to the very last epl game?

      Yeah, Arsenal wasn’t and will not be good enough…
      So jump out now, there is no glory at arsenal, put yer faith at other teams. I still do believe it’s best for your health.

  3. i agree on the Ox playing CAM & i agree that surely walcott will explode this year, i also agree arteta is not the DM we need as he’s slow and well age really is catching up with him and yes jack should be B2B thats why i felt signing cesc would have been absolutely awesome but hey it didnt happen, also i agree with you though most people dont but wojcieh isnt good enough for a club like Arsenal ATM i doubt he’ll ever be but thats just me anyway, it imperative we get atop class keeper and a centre back who must be ” ENGLISH” at all cost maybe a jagielka will do just dont trust mertesacker so we must sign an “ENGLISH” centre back….emphasis on “ENGLISH”….CHEERS

    1. Why in the blue hell would the center back have to be English? That’s just stupid xenophobic reasoning right there.

      Swapping Mertesacker for Jagielka is borderline suicidal.

      1. call me xenophobic but you dont win trophies without having a centre back from your country my research has shown me….its quite deep but very true ive done quite an extensive research so if you do manage to find one let me know

      2. Seeing as how the clubs to have won the title in the past X years has been pretty limited (United, Arsenal, Chelsea, City) there isn’t much reason to see that trend as anything more than correlation rather than causation.

        All the teams who have won titles recently had English players on their back line who were arguably the best or top 3-5 center backs in the league, regardless of nation of origin. Only Joleon Lescott is one who bucks that trend, and he wasn’t at all the top dog at City.

        United have had Rio, Chelsea have had Terry, Arsenal had Sol Campbell. All of which are legendary center backs. They weren’t great because they were English, they were great because they were great.

        Jagielka, Cahill, and virtually every other center back in the league right now who could ever be considered a realistic target are not in that category of top level defender. At this point Jagielka and Cahill are probably better than Vermaelen, which really isn’t saying a whole lot.

        Your argument is intellectually lazy and is little different than if I were to say a team can’t win La Liga without a creative Spaniard in the middle.

      3. doug you dont gt my point i also feel its a mere coincidence but im not just talking about the league or just in england…all teams who have won any trophy of any sort in every country i have checked have had a centre back from their country , i mean all cups in any part of europe have been won by teams with a centre back from their country this is some extensive reseach not some joke opinion so if you feel im wrong go check for all cups anywhere and when you find where a team has won any without a CB from their country then you let me know…cheers

      4. That type of logic is even more inane, Andrew. The probability of a title-winning side of a country having a player from that country in a particular position on the pitch being high is due to the fact that the vast majority of players in a given league are going to be from that particular country.

  4. An interesting and positive post. Makes such a refreshing change from the wall-to-wall pessimism, gloom and virulent personal abuse currently sweeping the boards. I too think it’s going to be a good season, and look forward to it immensely.

  5. Good thoughts Dave and agree mostly, we have a good 13/14 players just fearful of what will happen if the first few results don’t go our way ! AW taking a massive gamble in my opinion, I understand the big deals may not happen to last few days of transfer window but some more squad players could have been added by now, and what is frustrating is that I geuinely believe we could challenge with a few signing and for once we have the money !!

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