Amazingly it’s Arsenal 92 v Chelsea 86


Just for a bit of fun as Monday’s game feels a bit like cup final I am going to preview the game in true tabloid FA Cup final style. I will set out the predicted line ups position for position and in true hack fashion write on each player and give them a mark our of 10.

Of course the team with the highest mark out of 110 is bound to win and if we enjoy the fun  I may do it again in future so here goes:


Position Arsenal Chelsea
Goal Keeper SzczeneyThe young Pole has risen to the challenge this term and proved the doubters wrong. He has been inspired. Strong mentality, better decision making and our keeper for years to come.  9 CechOnce perhaps the world’s finest he is not that now. Suspect on crosses and has I feel lost the bravery required. A weak link in this Chelsea team and I am surprised Mourinho not bringing back his loanee from Spain.  7
Right Back SagnaBack in the sort of form that used to win him a place in the EPL team of the year with regularity. Great in the air and only weak link can be quality of crossing.  9 IvanovicExtremely consistent at this level, with a burst of speed, great overlapping and a set piece goal threat. Hard day for Santi. 9
Left Back GibbsVastly improved form and better luck with injuries this season sees Kieran knocking on the England door. Still prone to odd lapse in concentration.   8  AzpilicuetaA right footer playing left back ahead of our dear old pal Ashley. Very quick but I suspect Theo might find him out. I feel he has promised but is no Cole so hope he plays.  7
Centre Back MertesackerI have been eating my words on Per for the past 6 months although he recently admitted he was poor in first year. Solid now but will need to be at his game reading best with a new partner alongside.  8.5 CahillA good ball carrier but his distribution is average and he is still prone to poor positioning and lapses. Equally capable of game saving tackles. Certainly will be selected ahead of Luiz as a defender.  7.5
Centre Back VermaelenMonday would be a superb day for Thomas to have a barnstormer. He is capable but h must listen to his German partner and not drift up the pitch. It is all about confidence and concentration but it is a concern.  7 TerryLike the keeper not the 9 plus player he was at his peak but still a big match performer and not to be under estimated. He will have a real battle with Giroud I suspect and the outcome may well be decided by who wins the tussle.  8
Deep Holder FlaminiI expect the Frenchman to get the nod over Arteta largely due to his additional pace and discipline. He will do the dirty job and give the ball simply to those who can damage Cheslea.  8 MikelSave to say he has medals galore but I simply do not get this guy but I he may get the nod of Lampard for similar reasons for Flamini over Arteta. Ozil can make him look the ordinary player he is.  7
Second Holder/pivot RamseyI hope the 9 days rest will see Aaron return to the swashbuckling form he has shown for most of this campaign. This is a player who needs to add a huge performance v a Premiership big boy to his CV. I feel he will.  9 RameresSimply a top box to box player for me and it is a testament to Ramsey’s progress that he will not score as highly. However he is a danger and has similar engine to the Welshman. Promises to be quite a battle in the middle of the park.  8.5
Right attacking midfield WalcottFit, revitalized and hungry, Theo was the one shining light in last week’s defeat. Golas to support Giroud and runs to be found by Ozil I can’t help feeling this could be a sweet spell for our speedster. Oh and he loves scoring v Chelsea.  8.5 HazardI would love to say he has been in waste of money but credibly I cannot. However I do feel like Theo he blows hot and cold and can hide in some games. Undoubted huge talent but I have yet to see £35 million of it. He should provide more than he does.  8.5
Central Attacking Midfield OzilI would say Ozil has been quietly effective without yet hitting top gear. So to have 4 goals and 7 assists despite that is amazing. He is the closest to Bergkamp in so many ways. Touch, vision, off the ball movement and passing range I could go on…  9 MataHard to be certain the silky Spaniard will play but he certainly should get the nod. For me he has been the best players in the league in this position for the past few seasons. Flamini will be sticking to him like glue to stop him playing I hope or he can and has hurt us.  9
Left attacking midfield CazorlaNo secret that I would love to see Podolski here but he is most likely to feature from the bench. Santi has not hut top form yet this season but let us hope he does on Monday. The Cazorla of 2012/13 is one f other best creators in the league.  8 SchürrleThe German’s extra power and goal threat should see him get the nod over Oscar. I have been impressed by him to date but I am not so sure he has played against a right back of Sagna’s quality. Jury definitely our on this new addition to the EPL  7.5
Centre Forward GiroudOlivier will be desperate to score after a lean period but he still brings so much to the overall Arsenal team performance. Whilst some fans would discard him in January for a shiny new striker and not so sure his team mates would agree.  8 TorresA name that once filled defenders with terror now not so much. Even without Koscielny I feel we can keep Fernando quiet. Ba would worry me more as it happens but the Spaniard seems to get selected mostly for the league.  7
Team Total 92 86


So there you have it in black and white Arsenal have the edge 92 over 86 in the true tabloid cup final fashion. Well in one chaps opinion at least but then the bookies agree with me making Arsenal short price favourites.

On one last note I truly hope that we see this celebration in the second half


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  1. Hmmm a typical assnah fans. Y dnt u give all chelsea players 5.0 or less. Walcot having the same point with Hazard, and were is Oscar

    1. I assume you mean where is Oscar? If you want to criticize learn to spell. I have set out the team as I believe it will be selected but yes it is of course my best guess. As for the scores there are only my view. However in 43 games for Arsenal playing in the same position in the same formation in 44 appearances Walcott scored 19 and assisted 15, whilst in 66 Hazard scored 14 and assisted 19. So yes Theo far more effective

      1. I shud learn hw 2 spell? Tanx. But u are actually making reference 2 dis season only, am i wrong? So hw wil walcot b rated dan Hazard. And Oscar has bn Chelsea No 10 dis season and he wil start on monday. But if u said it wasnt dis season only all ur rating are nonsense, bcus no assnah player has perform 2 d level of giving him 9/10 in d last 2 to 3 season ago

      2. Given that Walcott has been injured for most of this season I could not make the comparison fairly for this season but given that Hazard’s primary function is to create goals 4 assist in 16 games is pathetic. Mata and Ozil are at a different level to the young Belgian. I have been consistent on Hazard he has great talent but fails to produce the good week in week out and if you wish to look at a first season in a new league as an excuse I suggest you check Cazorla’s contribution over his in their respective campaigns in 2012/13.

    2. Wot are u insinuating dat Cazorla perform way more dan Hazard? Hmmm! Perhaps u 4get dat Hazard was deploy as a winger and not his prefer role No 10.

      1. Yes and Santi also deployed as a 10 from August to Feb when he has always played wide in Spain. Hazard is a good player and he may get to the level of Ozil or Mata but he is nowhere near that at present

    3. Ozil and Mata level, in what way? Assists or Goals, why was Ozil sold by Madrid and why was Mourinho dropping Mata. Maybe am missing something, i had seen many arsenal game dis season, Ozil contribution is lower 2 Cazorla contribution by dis time last year. He disappear in matches in which arsenal dnt hv foothold. What is dat called? He doesnt track back like Hazard. Maybe u wanted 2 say Ronaldo or Ribery

  2. after the match when chelsea have beaten arsenal your foul mouth would say mourinho 92, wenger 8. Stupid arsenal fan

  3. goonerdave66 u are a dump ass nigga u are more like an brainless object I wonder if u not high wen u are posting that comment comparing walcott to hazard is just too foolish of the the writer its clear the writer is an arsenal fan and mind it was hazard 1st season as a chelsea player but how many season does it take that stupid overrated walcott hazard should be compare with the likes of neymar and isco and bale not walcott !!!! I wish arsenal crush and burn #teamchelsea chelsea till ah dead #teamhazard

    1. Hehehe…

      Put out that joint, lady….

      Do you even realize on what blog you are right now?

      So, the writer must be an Arsenal fans? You don’t say?

  4. Urmi – He’s right. Learn to spell or shut up. Txt or “gangsta” speak makes the poster look a right c**t…

  5. Urmi you are indeed a strange chap. Taking your opinion into account, if no arsenal player has player has hit a rating of 9 this season god help the rest of the leagues hen they do. As and when we do hit those highs well be smashing everyone, were top of the league without even having played that well IMHO. Look at last week we played absolutely awful, played 3 times in 6 days and lost the leagues top centre back to injury and still scored 6 (taking into account poor officiating) and could have scored more.

    We have to beat Chelsea at all costs

    1. Mayb u shud re-read my comment, am not talking about dis season, i mean previous seasons. Even dis season apart 4rm Ramsey, Giroud and Ozil, no one has perform 2 dat level

  6. Ah Chelsea fans. Delightful. But they have to be honest. Hazard better than Theo? Maybe he has higher potential, or better skills. But the stats don’t lie.

    Actually Chelsea are a pathetic club, and Mourinho is pathetic too. A match made in heaven. He had all summer to sort out the squad, all the money in the world too. He has loaned out Lukaku and now must make do with shitty Torres and old’n’rusty Eto’o. And he whines. Oh how he whines and moans. Poor poor Maureen, the world is so hard on him. The fixture list is so difficult. He only has all the money in the world and fan’s goodwill in masses. Again: pathetic.

  7. amazing how all the chelsea fans reacting to this blog can’t spell or write in any way that you can understand what they’re saying at all

  8. Ozil and Mata level, in what way? Assists or Goals, why was Ozil sold by Madrid and why was Mourinho dropping Mata. Maybe am missing something, i had seen many arsenal game dis season, Ozil contribution is lower 2 Cazorla contribution by dis time last year. He disappear in matches in which arsenal dnt hv foothold. What is dat called? He doesnt track back like Mata. Maybe u wanted 2 say Ronaldo or Ribery

  9. I agree with ur analisis Arsebal will win d Monday night match to go top of d EPL at Christmas

  10. Urmi please u really need to stop commenting, it’s becoming depressing. So many wrong words in wrong places. #pitiful

  11. Awesome post by Dave again! I agree to a large extent with the prediction of the Arsenal line-up. I however suspect that Rosicky may start instead of Santi. Gut-feeling. The ratings are perfect imo.

  12. Guys giving any importance to a guy who doesnt know how to type and doesnt understand football, is wasting our time. Let him be, he is a attention hogger and may he have all of it, as if we care. Game day today, time to win and get the season back on track, i just wanted to reply to one thing with respect to Ozil; he is the best player across both the teams, any doubts ask a certain happy/special/shitall one.

  13. its a must win 4 arsenal to make a statement , make cfc pay 4 taking us lightly n I hope walcot scores .coyg

  14. Mourinho will come with all his magic to give as a boring Draw.

    The battle is in the midfield and i do not expect to see a silky passes and lovely game to remember.i do expect Mourinho all his veteran and try to defend deep and score a on counter attack.

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