An ‘Alternative’ tribute to Mikel Arteta! – The Oil in the Arsenal Engine


The whole Arsenal world is rushing to pay tribute to Mikel Arteta and who can blame them. I like to feel I have a special relationship with him as a blogger having made two big calls. Firstly I wrote a blog in August 2011 urging the club to sign him.

This of course was widely ridiculed because he was an injury prone has been and not fit for a Champions League team with trophy winning aspirations. Secondly in May 2012 I suggested Arteta should sit at the base of our midfield. I contended he should occupy the Makelele role, using his intelligence, anticipation and swift accurate distribution to break up opposition attacks and launch our own.

This was my view 3 months before Song’s departure and of course this blog was also greeted with, if not ridicule from all quarters, then certainly a healthy degree of skepticism.

There was an interim piece last season in which I also wrote glowingly of his progress at Arsenal  blah blah blah

In short I feel I have earned the right to be effusive and sentimental about Mikel so here goes…

Oh and before you all take the Mick, rhyming couplets was good enough for Will Skakespeare…


The Gooner vice-captain and number 8

He’s not just good he’s flaming great

Not an international, like we care

Better than most and  with shinier hair


No breakthrough for Mikel at the Camp Nou

So a move to Rangers in 2002

After two seasons and 3 trophies Mikel was away

Back to Spain where it was warmer to play


At Rangers with long hair with band!


Signed for Real, Sociedad not Madrid

Seemed a bargain at five million quid

To play with Alonso and wear the same jersey

It failed to work out and he followed Xabi to Mersey


First on loan and then it was a steal

Moyes not a fool with a £2 million deal

Signed to replace Gravesen at Goodison Park

Yes as a’ DM’ he was to make his mark


In 2006 and 07 Everton Player of the Year

Moved further up the pitch his vision was clear

50 Premier assists in 99 games secure

Only Nani and Cantona have done it in fewer


Everton’s star but who else realised how good he was?


Club form impeccable his country came calling

In the Spain squad but no debut, appalling

North West Footballer of the Year 2008

Liverpool Sports Echo Sports Personality doubly great


The most accurate right boot since Beckham I’m told

41 Everton assists from dead balls, I’m sold

Flying so high surely the top four must be calling?

But snapped knee ligaments 09 his career now stalling


11 months out but in Jan 2010 returning in style

 2 goals and 5 assists in just 13 games made the Toffees smile

The blues had stuck by him when times had been dark

So he signed a new contract at Goodison Park


But one summer later, as in London one Spaniard departs

Arsene Wenger makes an offer to break Everton hearts

11.59pm a deadline day stunner

Mikel Arteta a ‘Panic buy Gunner’


Panic Buy my Arse!


Bought to replace Cesc but a mishap with Jack

Mikel will soon find himself a tad further back

In Na$ri’s shirt a new playmaker arrives

At home with our passing he rapidly thrives


A North London favourite in double quick time

His 25 yard screamer at Wigan sublime

His cross for Sagna the ‘Old Enemy’ defeated

The 35 yard dipper at  Villa not likely repeated


The winner v Citeh celebrated


The winner against City our pride now restored

To third from 17th on his arrival, ample reward

Fifth best Player of the season, you Gooners are joking

First name on the team sheet for me, this Gun is smoking


A new season, no skipper, no Song, written off once more

New signings, new Vice Captain in front of back four

New hope, new goal scorers, so far we’ve competed

It’s down to his vision and most passes completed


Spanish maestros


With him as our General we might dare to dream

That the wait will be over in 2013

With Santi and Jack it can only get better

But the oil in the engine is Mikel Arteta


Well that was a tad different for me! Until next time thanks for reading.

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  1. HAHAHA love it Dave just love it

    nothin more needed,nothin more said,
    with this lovely poem,arguement put to bed,
    with Mikael Arteta,as you’ve all along said,
    the premier lge title,is already put to bed…

  2. Amazing post man … respect to u …
    Arteta is the best arsenal player ..even last season without him we looked in bad shape !!! W3e all love him …
    Keep up ur good work .
    Cheers !!!

  3. i just love it.but what can u say about santi carzola.the way he distributes the ball?just beatifull.with this two,wishere,diaby oh mmmmmmm GOD,Chelsea u better watch out for the gunners.the gunners look like a moving train this season.
    thanks goonerdave66

  4. Thumbs up, Mikel’s injury at the tail end of the season meant we didn’t win a game in 3 before escaping WBA on the final day. Wonderful addittion to the fold, though he’s more of the midfield boss that kept the team ticking and Rosicky was the real oil in our midfield that made our attack flow

  5. You went over the fact that we barely won a match without him last season. Not that the quality of the poem is lowered. Excellently written, why don’t you try to make this reach the man himself? This would be a hell of a fan mail. Cheers! Keep up the good work!

    1. Very true but could not find a rhyme for everything. Perhaps I can add to it as season goes on.

  6. Mehn! Truth is this is my third (i think) comment on any blog for years. Call me oliver T but i mostly read and read. Hardly comments….. But boy! I’ll be wicked if i don’t commend your effort. I love poems but the effort and passion you’ve put on this one is unmistakably adorable….. Keep it up man…. I duff my hat!

  7. Love this. Just love it. Everything i̶̲̥̅§ true. Love you as I love †ђξ blog article. Hopefully, we gonna see †ђξ end of †ђξ long trouphy drought.

    1. To find modern day foteoallbrs like arteta nowadays is really that hard. But at arsenal we have one!, such a special player and person. This high life foteoallbrs assume when they get rich really is despicable imo. George best is one an example of those who lived in a wrong era where party hard was the motto. Arteta is just a gentleman something guardiola and figo have also perfected. 27 2

  8. reading in d library nd was feeling dizzy,bt wen i read dis blog,man my eyes opened like mad.reslly great stuff.keep it up dave

  9. Absolute masterpiece on the midfield maestro. Arteta is still underrated though as Gooners still couldnt realize how important he was last season. Arteta is class

  10. You are a poet……and now we all know it…..arteta is such a joy…..our no1 brylcream boy….!great blog!!!!………….

  11. All has been said! Brilliantly written Dave. u jes made ma night. smiling dis very moment. ARTETA z worth EVERYTHING

  12. I envy dis blog, u should write a book on dis dave 66, the oil in d engine” there is no better way any1 could av xpress dis. Everytin abt Arsenal is jst getting better dis season including u dave 66, ope 2 read more nxt week.

  13. dats just too good to be a blog poem…get it published man ..ill get the book rights n a lil royalty…:p too fancy man*respect frm anoder poet on a sunny day* cheers!!COYG!

  14. You are a great writer. I can see been long I fell in love. Am in love with arteta.hope he will be free from injury.Oil in the Arsenal engine.

  15. Gr8 piece, hardly get it wrong. When u wrote Arteta our new Makelele not many believed it, but now, its no argument. Arteta was doing his job unnoticed but not anymore. Thumb up for u Dave

  16. Can I just say one massive thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I tried something a little different from my normal comfort zone of research backed opinion, and the responses made it so worthwhile. The number of responses I feel as much a testament to the affection we all have for Arteta as it was for my attempt at poetry.

    Thanks again


  17. I couldn’t agree more..
    Absolutely Magnificent piece..
    Nobody deserves it more than “The oil in the arsenal engine”..

    I admire the way you wrote it.. JUST EPIC!!

    KEEP IT UP!!

  18. a page of recognition man ah great poem hats-off keep-up the good work indeed he is ‘the oil in the arsenal engine’

  19. Excellent post!
    And now New ARSENAL CAPTAIN!
    We trust Wenger just as he has worked Per M 4 lack of speed to our Advantage, he will likewise do the same for New Skippo!
    Tnk u so kindly Daved.

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