Arsenal fans still demanding the non-existent 30 goal a season Striker blah blah blah


I have written on this before but I have to revisit as it is doing my bloody head in. It may come as a surprise to some of you but as a non player of FIFA 14 I am still capable of understanding the concept of what constitutes a top striker. In particular I can work out what the term ’30 goal a season man‘ means. I am forever told that we need one and if we buy one we will be the finished article having got the keeper, defense and midfield sorted. Excellent now Arsene/Ivan go and do your stuff in the next 3 weeks and the league is ours. Yawn!

I have written on this at least twice before but I am not sure anyone believes me so I will do it again. Defences are improving and more and more teams are playing with one main striker as we know so in truth the 30 goal a season is about as rare as a league title in Seven Sisters.

However I will recap in brief the ground I have covered in the last 2 transfer windows as the frenzy for us to buy the non-existent reaches fever pitch. We are just over half way or bang on half way through the season in the top 6 European leagues so shall we just have a quick look to see who is on target to be the 30 goal a season player who apparently Wenger can just pop out the the Footie Superstore to buy, presumably collect some sort of loyalty points at the same time.

Let’s start with who is on track to have 30 league goals, the rarest breed of all strikers:

Player Club League Goals Pro Rata
Luis Suarez Liverpool 20 40
Diego Costa Athletico Madrid 19 38
C Ronaldo Real Madrid 18 36
Alfred Finnbogason Heerenveen 17 32
Z Ibrahimovic PSG 15 30


So there you have it. Not the most extensive list is it? Okay so RVP and Messi been injured but RVP won’t do it over 30 anyway and neither on our buy list. So that leaves only Costa as a realistic target as we know that the others are unattainable or committed elsewhere. Unless you all want ‘Uncle Alfred

Do we truly believe that Athletico Madrid, with a genuine tilt at the Champions League and breaking the Barca/Real dominance domestically will be selling their prize asset this month? Or as suggested there is a release clause why assume the player would want to leave if his present club stand a good chance of progressing in the ECL.

Okay so I am being overly harsh suggesting you all meant 30 league goals when you call for a ’30 Goal a season man’? Perhaps I am so let us expand this exhaustive list to include the plethora of strikers on course for 30 or more in all competitions for their clubs.

Player Club Club goals all comps Pro Rata
C Ronaldo Real Madrid 30 60
Diego Costa Athletico Madrid 23 46
Z Ibrahimovic PSG 23 46
Luis Suarez Liverpool 20 40
Sergio Aguero Man City 19 38  *Injured
A Finnbogason Heerenveen 19 38
Edison Cavani PSG 18 36
R Lewandowski B Dortmund 16 32
Jackson Martinez Porto 16 32
G Rossi Fiorentina 15 30
Pedro Barcelona 15 30


So there we have it. Another super exhaustive shopping list of 30 goals a season strikers for Wenger to pick up for Arsenal this month. Only 11 player across 6 leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Holland look likely to fall into the bracket so often bandied about!

So perhaps is really is not that easy at all, although we could nip in ahead of Newcastle who are reportedly in for Icelandic  international Alfred Finnbogason who is banging them in for Heerenveen this season! I have championed Dutch players in the past. I feel Bony was one we should have gone for but then I also suggested Das Dost who also bagged 30 plus for Heerenveen before failing to replicate in the Bundesliga for Wolfsburg. Then there is  Josie Altidore, well enough said.

Newcastle and Celtic want 30 plus Alfred.
Newcastle and Celtic want 30 plus Alfred.

The only other possible is Jackson Martinez the Colombian from Porto who I wrote on last season who has also been mentioned. I believe there is a release clause and he did score over 30 in all competitions last season. This was the last blog I write about the difficulty of finding the 30 goal man.

This is not supposed to be a negative article but it is supposed to be a reality check. The strikers so readily described as 30 goals a season players are few and far between, even if you have money to spend. 20 goal a season players are available and can be worked on at Arsenal so let’s be a tad more realistic. Giroud scored 17 last season in all competitions and is on track for 24/25 this season. He may or not be the long term solution but the reality is that improving on him in January to fit our style of play the options are limited at best.

So shall we just get behind the squad and hope that they support Giroud efforts with multiple inputs from our midfield/wide men and if we need to enter the market in the next few weeks due to injuries perhaps temper expectations. The key to success in the next few months may well be in us getting 5/6 goals from Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Podolski, Ox and Gnabry, particularly if Theo is out for a few week or more.

Take a chance on Paco?
Take a chance on Paco?

If we sign a striker as we may well do just remember the ones you all want may not be coming. However the one we get may be the one every other club wants in a year or two and we are no longer a selling club. On that subject there is some talk of Morata on loan from Madrid. If Spain is the market and we are looking for present cover and a long term replacement for Olivier I would still consider Paco Alcacer (previous article) who is still not getting a look in for Valencia in La Liga, yet has 4 goals in 4 games in the cups both Europa and domestic. Given that their strikers are all misfiring I cannot work out why the youngster who the fans love is not being given a run in the team. Perhaps someone who knows more about Spanish football than I will enlighten me. After all Wenger has been watching this lad since he was 12!

Me I still fancy a punt on Ings….

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. I agree with the sentiment. It is very tough to find the player/s we need to improve. We have managed to get to and stay top of the league despite the injuries to Podolski, Theo & Santi. The three players getting our goals last year.

    I expect, like many, that the summer is the time to buy. Personally, I wouldn’t turn down Berbertov. Although he is considered lazy, he would probably give it some for his swan song.

    And looking at our fixtures, we play 6 of the bottom half of the table at home this half of the season. Ideal for Berbertov to provide a rest for Giroud and make an impact.

    The most important thing is we don’t implode as fans if we don’t sign anyone.


  2. I wonder we are always demanding those expensive players when have a lot of Talented English Players available in The Championship Clubs in UK here, I have any of you by chance watched Barnsley Striker DANNY INGS in action; well if not, I can tell you this lad is sick, He’s got pace, Skills and very strong but above all, He’s a trigger happy and a sharp shooter, He’s bagged 16 goals this season and God know when he will stop scoring.
    I wish Arsenal go get him. We don’t have to go for ready made always and we need to Support the English Talents too, Look at Rodriquez and Lallana this two players had all their Talents hidden in the Championship but thank to Southhamton they can now play for England.

      1. how about a championship player that always scores goals – Jordan Rhodes. ok he might not have the glamour but, he has an eye for goal.

      2. I wrote a blog suggesting Danny Ings last week and he is my favoured target

  3. And what’s wrong with “Uncle Alfred”? He’s banging them in as I can see, and he has age on his side. What’s the catch with Alfred?

    1. No catch other than what I have said anout Dutch strikers replicatinmg the goal scoring form in tougher league

    2. The scoring chart in the Eredivisie is a poor predictor of one’s capacity to put the ball into the back of the net in a higher-standard league like the Premiership.

      Some, like Suarez, clearly have the potential and all-round skills to take their game to the next level in a better league (although it took him one and a half seasons at Liverpool before he really got going). Others do not. Mateja Kezman scored 129 goals in 176 games for PSV before moving to Chelsea. If you can’t remember what Kezman did at Chelsea, you’re not alone.

      Finnbogason is no magician. He’s a striker of decent ability who’s good at putting the ball away past average defences in a weaker league. That’s why teams like Celtic are after him, rather than Barcelona. Similarly, when Bas Dost (Finnbogason’s predecessor at Heerenveen) topped the Eredivisie scoring chart with 32 goals, he was snapped up by a mid-table German outfit (Wolfsburg), not a big club.

      1. Quite. And to flog the deceased equine creature regarding inferior leagues even further, I might also point out that (though not mentioned in the post) Billy McKay is on track to score at least 33 goals for Caley Thistle this season.

      2. Well if we don’t scout him and try him how would we know? We can’t just dismiss him on the basis that the “Eredivisie is a poor predictor”. We passed by Suarez simply because he was in a “poor league” and now we have to cough £70M to get him.

      3. How do you know clubs haven’t had a look at him? I’m sure they have already had reports on him, but they’re not sufficiently impressed by what they saw. The reason that Suarez stood out was not his goalscoring record, but his style of play and technique. That was why relatively big clubs tried to sign him.

        I’ve given you my assessment as somebody who does actually follow the Dutch league, and as I’ve said, there are good reasons why big clubs aren’t after him. He’s a poacher of average technical skill, like many other Eredivisie goal machines. To give a British analogy, I point you to Jordan Rhodes, who scores 30-40 goals a season in the second and third tiers of English football but finds little resonance as far as clubs in the top tier are concerned and floats around the fringes of a mediocre national team.

      4. If all he can do is to time his runs, sit in the box and unerringly put away the several chances our little magicians make for him, then I’d take him. He’s obviously doing his job better than all the other forwards in the Dutch league. Yeah, he doesn’t dribble quite like Suarez, but how many players do? I’m not looking for a “magician” for a striker, we already have that aplenty in midfield. If you’re fairly strong, quick, not too one-footed, possess a killer instinct and possess good anticipation, then I’ll take you.

  4. Why isnt Jackson Martinez on the list?

    Hes on 15 goals in 21 games and scored 34 last season, he said he wouldnt refuse Arsenal and has a buyout clause.

    I reckon he is our only plausible option in January.

  5. “Do we truly believe that Athletico Madrid, with a genuine tilt at the Champions League and breaking the Barca/Real dominance domestically will be selling their prize asset this month?”
    If Costa has a release clause (reported at around £32m) then it doesn’t matter if Atletico want to sell or not – it is up to Arsenal to trigger the clause and convince the player.
    The question is, if we trigger the release clause can we convince the player to leave mid-season? Probably not is my answer, but we should at least try.

  6. Very sensible reality check. Well done mate. For now, I fancy Berbatov. His experience, ability and hold up play can be massive for Arsenal. Remember, we miss a lot of chances. Stick him on the end of those chances, and we get at least 30% of those goals back.

    1. berbatov that goal machine!!

      I prefer giving giving, giroud, bendtner, park, sanogo, Walcott, podolski, gnabry, afobe, akpom, chamberlain ryo and eisfeld more game time than buying berbatov or kalou for that matter. we need a striker better than all of those players not one worse than most of them

  7. As much as it will be difficult for us to get the kind of striker we need in january “even though jackson martinez has made it clear he wants to come & athletico madrid director has publicly come out with Costa’s release clause of 31.6m quid and claiming english clubs know it. i dont know why he would do that unless he wants to sell ” Dave you really need to get over the fact that Giroud is good enough to be 1st choice at ArsenaL. No he’s not mate…. in over 20 years of the premier league every single team from all the united teams to all the chelsea teams our own teams alonside blackburn & city all have won it with way better strikers than giroud. we are accustomed to, deserve and need a better 1st choice striker than giroud. the likes of henry, RvP, bergkamp, wright, smith etc created goals out of nothing, giroud has never done that but also snatches at easy chances and how long till we stop blaming those blunders on fatigue. strikers the ilk of giroud dont win you titles, those at city, united and liverpool will. giroud is good and yes its difficult to get a 30 goal a season striker but we need one a.s.a.p cheers

  8. First of all its COLOMBIAN not Columbian, and second of all Jackson Martinez plays for Porto not sporting!!
    Doesn’t anyone proof read these articles?

  9. Let’s not forget Gooners thought RVP was shite til his last season with us. Football like economics is not an exact science. And guess who is actually an economist? The man most Arsenal fans wanted out at the start of this season. The one who is now top of the league. And still we hear the relentless nonsense. So thanks for bringing attention to that one detail. The Striker. Forward.

  10. I would try to hire Adrián Ramos (28 years) from Hertha Berlin. If not a 30 goal machine, but still 20+ goals. 11 goals and 3 assists in 17 Bundesliga game. Could play as a striker and left wing too. Much more cheaper than his countryman Jackson Martinez. I think he could be a good partner/cover for OG. Who scored stats are very good .Have seen some times when watched BL games.

    1. Yes I looked at his stats and will be keeping an eye on him. Something in the water in Colombia at the moment

  11. one of the reasons why some arsenal fans demand or appear to demand such a striker is, because compared to the likes of henry, wright, rvp and even eduardo, grioud hasn’t been that ‘world-class’ prolific striker that arsenal always seemed to possess in the past until rvp’s departure.

    yes, giroud is vital to the way arsenal play, holding up play, linking up with midfield runners and laying off balls for them to shoot, but scoring goals for fun is not really his strong point. of course i like him as player, his hard work and overall contribution to the team is always 100%.

    but i think the point is that, scoring goals (and loads of it) is a much more tangible and concrete evidence of a great striker in the eyes of many fans. after all, that’s what strikers are paid to do, even if we argue that they should be doing much more than that. giroud does the other things quite well and to be fair to him, we have half the season still to go. if he bangs in another 14-15 goals, he’d have done immensely.

    it’s a super-cliche, but football is a team game, so with giroud’s 15-20 goals and some more from the likes of podolski, cazorla, ozil, and others, i don’t see why arsenal can’t compete for trophies in the remainder of the season. as a replacement for walcott, i’d take martinez, morata, bebatov or even klose, who are the more realistic options for january.

      1. well not quite prolific, but my point is that he was a fox-in-the-box striker and if not for that horrendous injury, few doubted his goal-scoring abilities. could’ve been a 20 goal striker easily.

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