Arsenal Makes Big Injury News Update – The Fans Will Like This

Arsenal have invested in new pitches to reduce the injuries to their players, according to a new report. Paris-based company Natural Grass has confirmed in a press release that we have installed an AirFibr’ pitch at our training ground London Colney in April.

The new hybrid glass technology was initially tested for two years on a goalkeeper training area before being installed at our training ground.

The company claims that AirFibr grass can reduce the risk of injuries to players by 40%. Following our suit, our London rivals West Ham have also invested in the similar pitches.

Similar pitches were also successfully installed in four stadiums during summer’s Euro Cup in France.

Natural Grass has issued the following statement confirming the installation of football pitches at London Colney: “Arsenal FC has always had a pioneering role in the installation of new turf technologies for its 58-hectare large London Colney training centre. The Colney training centre was built in 1998. It gathers 10 football pitches.

After testing the technology on the goalkeeper area for nearly two years, the AirFibr technology was installed by grass seeding on the only pitch restored by Arsenal in 2016. Arsenal is the first club of Premier League to equip itself with an AirFibr pitch.”

It’s certainly encouraging that we are thinking out-of-the-box to reduce the occurrence of injuries to our players.

We have been one of the most injury-prone teams in England in recent years. It has been frustrating, soul-crushing and depressing to see our team lost their way during the course of seasons due to injuries.

Even last season, injuries to the likes Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck hurt our ambitions in a significant way.

Comparatively, we are doing better on the injury front at the moment, and only have Per Mertesacker, and Danny Welbeck ruled out due to long-term injuries.

It’s hard to ascertain how much of a role new pitches have played in the current injury scenario, but it’s good to see that the club is taking steps in all directions to keep our players healthy.

The current depth in our squad is surely an encouraging sign, and the lack of injuries has further cemented it.

I honestly don’t remember the last time we played an entire season without losing any of our key players to a long-term injury. It’s crucial to keep your best players fit if any team wants to challenge for trophies.

Let’s hope we can finally achieve it this season.


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