Wenger Speaks On Likely Cazorla Replacement

The Arsenal players need a song to leave the pitch to. Not at half-time or full-time but when they are injured. David Bowie and Queen, Another One Bites The Dust is my favourite.

Or the theme from “Don’t Fear The Walking Dead”. We do seem to breed the injured with as much regularity as the television series, don’t we?

Take Santi Cazorla. And no, I don’t want anyone to take Santi Cazorla with his impish little smile and grin around the training ground but with his injury, you have to wonder if we’re going to replace him.

Uh-uh, said Arsene. OK, I paraphrase.

What he is actually said was,

“He’s important to our technical stability in the team, to the quality of our decision-making and to our build-up from deep midfield to the high midfield.

“That’s an important stage because it gets the ball out from the defenders.

“We have enough quality players in our side to get around that, even if Santi a massive player for us. We are good enough to find solutions despite the fact he’s not there.”  

It’s debatable whether the “we are good enough to find a solution” every time. In fact, we know we can’t, we’ve proven it.

But the answer isn’t coming from the transfer market. Arsene made that clear at his press conference earlier today and his statement above re-iterates that.

And to some extent, it’s the right course. We have a lot of midfielders and Jack Wilshere out on loan. Another body just adds to volume, unless of course we sign a world class player in which case all bets are off: we take the new player and sales have to be made to accommodate.

It’s the new reality. There’s room for sentimentality to a limited degree but nothing too much. Carry one or two players, that’s it. End of every season 3 or 4 change; full rotation of the squad every five years.

Football has a new reality. Arsenal have to adapt to it.


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