Arsenal V Manchester United – Still the bitterest of Rivalries??


The Good Old Days


In a week of quality guest posts on the site I am delighted to round that of with one further contribution. Fortunate to welcome back James Wareing known to most on twitter as @James Arsenal1 to ‘1nildown2oneup.’ I am surprised no one else has written a similar piece and slightly peeved I did not think of it myself. So well done James who has written and entertaining blog looking back at the great rivalry between Arsenal and United, and Wenger and Ferguson since ‘Le Professeur’ arrived at Highbury. The blog of course begs the question is the bitterest of rivalries still there?

Arsenal vs Manchester United has notoriously been a fiery encounter that brings out emotion in all involved. You only need to look back over the last decade to find examples of this. The passion of the players and their desire to win through the hatred of the opposition
is what makes this fixture so appealing. 

Despite being rivals all throughout the two clubs histories the arrival of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal intensified the emotions. Sir Alex Ferguson, when told of Arsene’s reputation as a ‘professor’ of football said: “They say he’s an intelligent man, right? Speaks five
languages, I’ve got a 15-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast who speaks five languages.” It was clear from the start that these two were vastly contrasting characters that run their clubs in different ways.
Then in April, when the season was reaching its climax, the rivalry of the two managers really kicked off. Wenger complained about fixtures being in Manchester United’s favour to which Ferguson replied: “He’s a novice – he should keep his opinions to Japanese football.” The
rivalry and the animosity between the two managers only intensified the bitter rivalry on the pitch.

The faces speak a 1000 words

Their rivalry came to a climax in the much anticipated FA Cup semi-final replay at Villa Park in 1999. As usual it was the Midfield battle between the two teams that was the most enticing. Keane was sent off for a 2nd yellow card offence with the scores tied at 1-1. The game reached injury time and with the prospect of penalties looming Viera gave the ball away in the middle of pitch. The rest is history as Ryan Giggs, beating 4 Arsenal men, burst through the Arsenal defence to score a memorable goal. Despair for Arsenal and Wenger who refused to shake hands with Ferguson which Sir Alex saw as the greatest insult he had faced as a manager.

The clubs met in the penultimate game of the 2001-2002 season with the Premier League title at stake. But, as it so often is with these clubs, it wasn’t just a title at stake it was pride. Arsenal knew they needed a win to complete a memorable season and to do the unthinkable,
win the title at Old Trafford and without talisman Thierry Henry. In fact it wasn’t just winning the title it was taking it back off them on their own ground with the chance to laud it in front of them. As with so many of these fixtures the Red Devils started physically with tackles flying in with Paul Scholes extremely fortunate not to see red. Then in the 55th minute, on his 100th appearance for the club Sylvain Wiltord wrote his name into Arsenal folklore scoring the goal that would seal victory and, more importantly, the title.

One classic moment in Arsenal folklore


Securing the double on their patch – Priceless

The match that sticks in my memory the most has to be the ‘Battle of Old Trafford’. The game was characterised by the aggression of the two teams with 31 fouls in total. Then in the 80th minute Van Nistelrooy jumped up onto Vieira’s back while challenging for the ball. In retaliation Vieira kicked out at Van Nistelrooy, but not making contact. He was sent off for a second bookable offence and the tone was set as the Arsenal anger boiled over. In the last minute United were awarded a penalty. Van Nistelrooy stepped up and smashed it into the bar. This is where the passion of the players really showed and this has to be one of my favourite moments in football. Keown jumped up and down in front of Dutch striker heckling him for his miss. But it didn’t end here. At the final whistle Van Nistelrooy was confronted by Toure, Lauren, Cole, Parlour and Keown and a scuffle ensued between the two sides. As a result disciplinary action was taken which saw Keown, Parlour, Lauren and Cole banned and given fines totalling £275,000.Two Manchester United players were also fined. Still this didn’t perturb Arsenal as they went on to win the league unbeaten. It is also important to remember that this missed penalty meant we held on to a draw and, more importantly, another step on the way to 49 games

Martin politely informs his good friend Ruud that he has indeed missed a penalty


Cole and Lauren join Keown in reminding other United players that Ruud had indeed missed!

In 2004 came the infamous ‘Battle of the Buffet’. Tensions boiled over at the end of another tense match which saw Manchester United prevail as 2-0 winners ending Arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten run. Arsenal had lost more than just a match; their pride in their unbeaten run had come to an end at 49. The match was a fiery encounter in which Ferdinand and Van Nistelrooy were lucky not to be sent off. United took the lead through a controversial penalty converted by Van Nistelrooy before Rooney sealed the victory in the last minute. Revenge was sweet for Van Nistelrooy who missed a penalty in the previous fixture between the sides before being heckled by Keown. Sol Campbell all refused to shake Wayne Rooney’s hand at the final whistle believing that he had dived to win the penalty. Tempers boiled over after the final whistle and it is alleged that pizza was thrown at Ferguson by an unnamed Arsenal player who may or may not be called Cesc.

Pizzagate Headlines

On the return fixture later that season Keane was seen to confront Vieira in the tunnel. Before the match Vieira shoved Gary Neville having confronted the right-back about some of his challenges in the aforementioned fixture. This match was also saw tempers flare as Mikaël Silvestre (yes it could never work,)was sent off however United prevailed to win 4-2. Whether it is flying tackles, ‘War of Words’ or just pizza, this fixture never fails to amaze. However, looking through the Arsenal squad now, I struggle to find the Keowns or Vieiras that made this fixture so exciting. I fear that, maybe apart from the rivalry of the managers, this match may lack the spice that we have
seen down the years.

Poll had to calm Paddy and Roy down in tunnel pre-match

Just sit back for a moment and imagine the scene. It’s the 90th minute and Manchester United have been awarded a penalty. The score is 1-1
and up steps Wayne Rooney to win it. Szczesny bounces up and down on the line as usual, swaying from side
to side, seemingly desperate for the toilet. Rooney hits it and the ball clatters the bar. Now what would happen next? Could you imagine Andre Santos jumping up and down in front of Rooney heckling him for his miss? Would a 20 man scuffle ensue lead by Aaron Ramsey? Will
there be another ‘Battle of the Buffet’ as pizza is thrown by Carl Jenkinson at Sir Alex Ferguson? I doubt it.

Come on chaps, this is just NOT RIGHT!!

But Arsenal players can hardly have any more incentive to go Old Trafford and take the game to Manchester United. ‘You know who’ has just headed to Manchester on his pursuit of glory and cash. What better reason could Arsenal players have than to prove him wrong and laud it over him? We need to go out there and show some of the spirit that makes this fixture so great. We can’t send a team out of lambs ready to be slaughtered like last year and become the laughing stock of the league. As Theo said after Reading come back ‘that is not Arsenal’ and that
will not be acceptable.

Thanks James for a fabulous read and a trip or two down memory lane. I guess the question James asked will be answered tomorrow lunchtime. Will the Arsenal players stand up and be counted, show pride and passion and win their individual battles? I bloody hope so but in the meantime will we wait for Saturday to come please enjoy this superb video showing the bitterest rivalry at it’s very best.

[ 100% 250]


Until next time thanks for reading and make sure you hook up to @JamesArsenal1 on twitter.

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  1. Pingback: Arsenal News
  2. The video brings back soooo many memories. hahaha

    They may have won a few battles but they will never
    win the war……..


  3. For united this is no longer a massive game. The massive games are against Chelsea and City. Liverpool is a big game for the long standing rivalry, and because for some reason we have a poor recent record against them ( this season aside).
    Arsenal concern themselves with the battle for top 4.
    Sorry to say it but united have bigger fish to fry!

  4. Brilliantly written, i grew up on these games and nowadays what is missed is the passion and the raw anger between the teams, i so wish we win today and walk with our heads held high in front of that bastard who left us

    1. I think you made a very important point there Vinay. This time we have to leave with our heads held high, win or lose. We must not do what we did last time.

  5. That was a truly scintillating read…. sadly it highlights the plight of today’s game where loyalty is all but dead and today’s enemy is tomorrow’s bosom buddy, so all players choose to maintain a cordial relationship.
    Fans remain as mercurial and passionate as ever but players are jaded and now merely look for the big pay-check and the easiest path to winning a trophy with minimal effort.

    That being said… today’s encounter is going to be no less exciting. The feelings of angst and hurt directed at a certain dutchman will create an intense atmosphere in itself. Here’s to our boys hammering the mancs

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