Celebrity Arsenal Fan Piers Morgan Insults Arsenal’s New Signing Lucas Perez

There are very few things that can unite an Arsenal fan-base. One of them is our notorious fan Piers Morgan. The TV personality is clearly not liked by a majority of Arsenal fans, and he is a kind of person you would rather not associate with your club.

But, now and then, he decides to embarrass the rest of the club’s fan-base by uttering absolute nonsense on Twitter. The annoying one has once again lived up to his billing by welcoming our new signing Lucas Perez with a rather sarcastic tweet.

We signed the Spanish striker in a £17.1 m deal from Deportivo La Coruna last week. However, we only officially announced the deal on our website yesterday.

Following the official announcement, Morgan had this to say about our new signing:  “Welcome Lucas Pérez. I’d never heard of you but wish you every success. #afc”

Obviously, his tweet attracted a lot of criticism from our fans and rightly so. He went on to respond to one of the comments with even more vitriol.

Now, Perez is definitely not a big-name striker that most of our fans wanted, but he clearly possesses qualities which can help us this season.

And at £17.1m, it’s not like we have got him on cheap, but he definitely provides more value for money than spending more than £40m on someone like Alexandre Lacazette. He scored 17 goals in La Liga last season for a team that was struggling against relegation. He will also provide a lot of options to us as he can play across the frontline.

If the reports are to be believed, we have been scouting him for the past one year, and going into the transfer window he was definitely among our targets.

In an interview with Arsenal.com, Perez revealed that we first contacted him in May, but only went back for him last week. He said: “Well, there was some contact when the transfer window opened. As always in football, clubs have to evaluate what they need, but they showed interest when they got in contact. Things happened more quickly towards the end of the window so it could be made official.”

So, clearly we had other targets in our priority list before Perez on our target list, but he clearly isn’t a panic buy as many have suggested.

He is definitely hungry for success and here’s hoping he will prove his detractors wrong in his first season with us.


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  1. organ is a deluded scibbler, failed at CNNand lefyt Mirror and claims he is a good fan of Arsenals. Wants hundreds of millions spent on players. His support for KP Nuts ( Kevin Peterson who as a England player sent messages to his SA mates , was a disruptive player in the dress room) as his cheer leader shows how deluded he can be. Best to ignore him.
    He wanted Klopp who failed at Dortmund in his last season there, has not done that well in England so far.

  2. FYI – Any site that refers to Piers (M)Organ as being an Arsenal fan gets placed on my list of sites to avoid.

    The idea that anything this man says is of any value is a complete joke. He’s a disgrace to the name of the club.

  3. this cnut’s oxygen is attention. he’s got a humongous ego and he loves it. let’s all fcuking starve him of his oxygen and hopefully he’ll fcuk off elsewhere

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