Mustafi To Arsenal Latest Update

Yesterday we published a report that claim Shkodran Mustafi has agreed personal terms with Arsenal and that should Arsenal be able to reach an agreement with his club Valencia, the Germany international could be playing for Arsenal against Liverpool.

Although from all indication, Mustafi is not going to play against Liverpool but daily mail reckons the deal could be announced in 48 hours which means an announcement is expected either today or tomorrow. Arsenal have been forced to make a move for another centre back after the injury to both Per Mertesacker and Gabriel Paulista.

Although even before the duo got injured, Arsenal needed another centre back especially considering the fact that Per Mertesacker will be 32 in September and can only be slower and less reliable, but unfortunately and for reasons best known to the club, they left the signing of a centre back unresolved till the injuries.

According to Daily Mail, Mustafi will be signing a five year deal with Arsenal and will be earning as much as £75,000 a week. The reports claim the player is awaiting Arsenal to agree a fee with Valencia ( which they believe will be done ) and the permission to undergo a medical with Arsenal.

This news if true, of which is appears to be considering the number of media out lets reporting in line with Daily mail’s report, signing Mustafi will be a massive boost. It is even better when you consider the fact that Chelsea were also said to be in the running for the signature of the German.

With A centre back finally signed, hopefully Wenger will push through the deal for a striker or at least a wing forward like Riyad Mahrez. Signing a striker may be difficult because we have left it too late but signing a wing forward should not be so difficult especially with Mahrez looking like he wants to leave Leicester City and Julian Draxler who has reportedly told Wolfsburg he wants to leave is also an option.

In my opinion, we could do without a striker IF ( big IF ) we bring in a wing forward. In my opinion, we would have won the league last season if we had someone better than Walcott scoring goals. Imagine if Walcott had scored 17 goals and created 11 assists like Mahrez did for Leicester City last season?


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  1. ”Imagine if Walcott had scored 17 goals and created 11 assists like Mahrez……”
    Sorry but that it well beyond my powers of imagination!

  2. “We left it too late to sign a striker” this must be the biggest joke ive heard in a long time, we’ve been lacking a true striker since RVP left and now we’re out of time to sign someone quality ? Arsene’s attitude in the transfer market alone should be a reason of sacking him

  3. The story in the Mail isn’t true. Agreement some way off I suspect. Don’t expect he will sign before Leicester. Perhaps last week of August in true Wenger style

  4. We need a winger only slightly less than we need another attacking midfielder or goalkeeper!

    We should sell Walcott and let Ox, Gnabry and Campbell fight it out for that spot. All 3 show great potential, but they’ll never realize that potential if Walcott keeps getting in the way. We need to give these players the opportunity to make that position their own.

    Our top priority should be a center back. Kosc is world-class, but is getting up there in years. He still has a few years of greatness left, which works out since that gives us time to let Holding develop into the world class defender he is destined to become. Mertesacker is showing his years a lot more, and should be relegated to backup, even if he weren’t injured. Gabriel is useless and should be sold. Gabriel’s stats are misleading. He may win 62% of his aerial duels (comparable to Kosc), but I doubt the stats count all of the times his man scores with a free header. Even if they did, there’s a BIG difference between losing an aerial duel, but putting on enough pressure to ensure the header is ineffective versus giving your opponent a free header at goal (which Gabriel does CONSTANTLY). Chambers is still too much of an unknown and should spend the year as a backup or out on loan. This means that we have a gap in our starting 11 at the center back position.

    Our next highest priority is a world-class goal-scoring striker. While I think a CB is more critical (since we have a quality striker, but don’t have 2 quality CBs), you could argue that we need a big name signing to encourage Ozil & Sanchez to sign new contracts (and defenders are rarely considered big signings). Debating which is the more important is kind of pointless – we need BOTH!

    I like Giroud and think he still has a place in the team, but we also need an out and out goalscorer. The biggest problem with Giroud is that he’s a target man, but he’s not supported by goal scoring midfielders. Our starting lineup has too many assist makers and not enough goal scorers. I also think Giroud needs to be coached to be a little more selfish (and unpredictable). He’s got a cannon of a left foot, so why is he ALWAYS laying off a pass at the top of the box? At least a third of the time, he should be turning and shooting. Not only will this result in more goals from him, but it will also make his passes more dangerous, because right now players are playing the pass (and getting into position to block the receiver’s route to goal). It boggles my mind that Wenger hasn’t seen and corrected this in 3 years!

    While I drool at the thought of Mahrez, Mikhtaryan, or Draxler on a wing opposite Sanchez, they’re really not needed. If Ox can maintain his pre-season form, or if Gnabry can continue his amazing Olympic form, or if Campbell can continue the progress he was making before Wenger stupidly shunned him in favor of Walcott, then we’re in great shape on the wing. Plus, let’s not forget Iwobi, who usually plays left wing, but shifts Sanchez to the right. The biggest problem is Walcott, who is getting in the way of the development of these players.

  5. I can’t understand what is going on in arsenal it is obvious that a big club like that can’t just close eyes and buy players that can lift trophy upon all this many years without wining EPL.

  6. You could also argue we need someone who knows what the F we are doing in the transfer market more.

  7. All what u guys are saying is true but I think Walcott should remain in de club with his speed de club will need it through the season. For Campbell he should be given the change to win a place in de team. Center back is also another problem we need a physically and technically gifted play to partnership with ksoc that will be area

  8. I can’t wait for de season to start for us tmw. Pray it wouldn’t be like previous beginnings. What do u guys think Gunners?

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