Confirmed By Wenger – Arsenal Close To Announcing £200,000-A-Week Star Has Signed

Robin Van Persie, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Ashley Cole and many other Arsenal players have had to leave Arsenal for better monetary offers in the last few years after running down their contracts. This coupled with the club being financially handicapped in the transfer market has ensured that Arsenal have not won the Premier League since the invincibles.

However, things appear to have changed. Arsenal now have money to spend on incoming players and can to some extent match their rivals in terms of wages for their current players. We are however still yet to break the Premier League jinx. But many Arsenal fans including yours truly believe with the players such as Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in our team, we have a strong chance of finally breaking the jinx this season or next season.

The problem however is, Mesut Ozil and Sanchez both have less than two years left on their respective contracts which means we stand a great risk of losing them to money bags such as PSG, United, Chelsea, Madrid and City.

But the good news is, Mesut Ozil is ready to sign an extention to his existing Arsenal contract. Accordingt to quotes attributed to the Frenchman, Mesut Ozil does not need much convincing to sign a new contract with Arsenal as he loves Arsenal and sees his long term future with us. Talking to the press Wenger is quoted to have said;

“I don’t think he needs convincing [to sign new contract]. He wants to stay here.”

“It’s not just money. Arsenal can win titles of course. But that’s what we have to show. We are in a league where Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea everybody fights and you cannot guarantee that to anybody.

“We keep that [negotiations] discreet. At due time we will come out with that. We want to keep our best players, of course. But the more I say that, the more he is in a stronger position.”

According to reports, Mesut Ozil is looking for a new contract that will see him earn as much as £200,000 a week and judging by the quotes from Wenger, it appears both Arsenal and the player are ready to reach a common ground on the wages. Maybe Ozil will become Arsenal’s first £200,000 a week player? Won’t be a major surprise considering what other players who are not as good as the German earn and how important he is to our team.

Also, I believe Ozil should be more convinced that we have what it takes to challenge for honours on all front and in my opinion, it is a matter of when and not if he will sign a new contract with us.

With Ozil in our squad, we have a strong chance of not only winning the league this season, his presence will also help convince big players to come to our club. Hopefully the German signs a new contract soon and Sanchez who has become very important for us this follows suit.


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