Done Deal? Mahrez Hints Arsenal Deal Is Done

With the way Arsenal have treated the fans of the club in the last few years when it comes to signing players that the team so desperately needs, it is not a surprise that the fans, including myself, are often on the social media and on various blogs scanning for the littlest of hints that a player we have been linked with is on his way to the Emirates.

Yesterday we posted the report that Mustafi has liked the picture of Arsenal player Granit Xhaka on Instagram. We regarded it as a hint of a done deal, well it seems we were right as today skysports are claiming Arsenal have agreed personal terms with the Albanian born Germany international centre back.

Well, using the same logic, it seems Riyad Mahrez will be Arsenal’s next signing after Mustafi as the Algerian has started following Arsenal star Yaya Sanogo on twitter.

One of the readers who commented on the Mustafi article yesterday didn’t see why Mustafi can’t be following fellow Albanian but what reason does Mahrez have to be following Yaya Sanogo today?

Mahrez is an Algerian Sanogo is a Frenchman, both never played in the same team before hence absolutely no reason why Mahrez should be following him especially at this point in time when he is been linked with a move to Arsenal? If they were friends before now, how come Mahrez wasn’t following Sanogo before now?

We do not believe a deal to sign Mahrez is done but we sincerely believe the Algerian wants to move to Arsenal and we believe a deal could be agree before the transfer window officially closes in few days time. Reports today already indicated Arsenal are readying another £43 million bid for Mahrez. That’s after an initial £30 million bid for the Algerian was rejected by Leicester City which means Wenger is probably keen on signing the Algerian.

And it is not so hard to see why Wenger may want to sign Mahrez. The PFA player of the year for last season is certainly an upgrade on Theo Walcott and his signing will ensure we are no longer overly reliant on Mesut Ozil for creativity it will also annoy deluded Leicester City fans which is a big plus.


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  1. love arsenal….more deluded then west ham
    settling for the top 4 every year isn’t an achievement

  2. “…Mahrez is an Algerian Sanogo is a Frenchman, both never played in the same team before hence absolutely no reason why Mahrez should be following him especially at this point in time when he is been linked with a move to Arsenal? ..”

    Mahrez is a Frenchman from the Paris suburbs, who plays for Algeria based on his family roots. Now works in the UK in the Premier League.

    Sanogo is a Frenchman, also from a Paris Suburb, who happened to play for Auxerre and now works in the UK in the Premier League.

    Yeah, so they have nothing in common and would say never have socialised in London. Nahhhh….

    Look, I’d love for Arsenal to sign Mahrez,especially with Ozil likely to refuse to resign, Mahrez would be a readymade replacement at Arsenal, not even a winger. But Twitter is not where we will find proof of the signing if it happpens!!

    1. I agree they have somethings in common. However, how come they were not following each other until now?

      1. I just pointed out what they have in common and many ways they could meet in the same circles. Could they have met in France? Yep. Could they have met in the UK? Yep. Is there some reason that couldnt have been recently? Nope.

        This “story” is tabloid speculation of the extreme type…

    2. Nonsense, Arsenal dont Mahrez coz we got Sanchez, Walcott, Ox, Campbell, Iwobi all who can play on either wing.

      its Mahrez who needs Arsenal. As far as am concerned we are ready to go as is. Chambers and Holding will hold the back. Bring it on!!!

      And Arsenal will win the league this time.

  3. another idiotic comment re top 4 taking that for granted as usual. Wenger said it as aside to wining a pl trophy. now its shoved down his throat every year like he says it all the time/ by the way it is something all teams strive for as only one can win the PL buy laughing at it is just stupid what would you rather have 5th 6th 7th if you can win it.

    i want to see what happens after Wenger leaves and we don’t qualify as man u and others have suffered
    it will be interesting to see how all the fans hating on Wenger will react to watching thursday night football or worse
    COYG win or lose we always support our club, team and manager the mark of true fan

  4. I can’t trust Arsene Wenger until I see Mahrez in Arsenal jersey playing in Emirate stadium.

  5. Bloody hell you gooners are more desperate than ever. Let me get this right. Because a player follows another player on twitter who isnt even in your first team… you assume that he wants to come play for you. Holy crap you lot are ridiculous.
    Arsene’s nose, oh sorry. I meant to say Arsene knows.

  6. Arsen Wenger is just an actor/sabotager of the Club , for all that time fellow Big English Premier clubs the likes of Man. U, Man. City, Chelsea, Liverpool….etc have been shopping for new Players to fill in the gaps of aging, injured, under performing players, what was he waiting for….Even a best dancer leaves the stage, so should Wenger.

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