Done Deal? Wenger Reveals Alexis Sanchez Contract Update

If Alexis Sanchez can drag himself away from spending time with his dogs, there’s a new Arsenal contract waiting to be signed.

The Chilean gave his first post-match interview in English after the 3 – 1 win over Bournemouth at the Emirates on Sunday and was a tornado of enthusiasm. The only surprise was that he didn’t hug the cameraman and interviewer such was his ebullient nature.

Theo Walcott certainly got a full-on Alexis hug – too short to be a bear hug, was it a Pekinese hug instead? – but the Chilean is making sure the t’s and I’s are crossed and dotted before committing his future to north London.

His performances this season have been of the highest order as he usurped Olivier Giroud from the central attacking role and led the line with his energetic displays. Leading the Arsenal scoring charts with 10 goals and the Assists charts with 5, he has been involved in a third of the Gunners goals this season.

Theo Walcott was urged to ‘sign da ting’ a few years back but now we all need to get out our prayer mats and beg that he signs a new deal with the club.

Arsène is more reserved about the matter:

“It is important. How important it is, I don’t know – we will not sort it tonight. We have some time in front of us.”

Well, let us explain. We’ll be screwed without him, big time. There are very few world-class strikers at the moment and Alexis is firing on all cylinders right now. He’s saved our bacon more than once since joining and it’s one of Wenger’s rasher statements to claim he doesn’t know how important it is to sign him up.

Perhaps money will talk. If Gonzalo Higuain is £75m, so is Alexis for his versatility. Not being funny but there’s no Ligue 2 signing who can solve the problem his departure would cause. Unless Yaya Sanogo can offer us a previously well-hidden goalscoring run…


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