Exclusive – Arsenal NOT to sign a 30 Goal a season striker this summer

Two a penny these sorts!!
Two a penny these sorts!!

Sorry to revisit the same subject on IND2OU but the obsession fans seem to have with something that is not truly a reality is grating somewhat again. I have twice previously written about the illusive 30 goal season striker that most fans seem to want and actually believe is out there for us this summer. So guys what is a 30 goal a season striker? Are you talking in the Premier League or in terms of league goals? If you are then they don’t readily exist. If we look at the last 10 years it has happened in three years and we are talking 2 special players – Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and RVP. So it is hardly a regular occurrence then. Yes but are we shopping in the Premier League this summer you say. Well perhaps so we need to entice a 30 league goals a season striker from one of Europe’s top leagues then. Cool let’s have a look at our options and being fair take into account anyone with 27 league strikers in 2012/13. I am sure we are fishing in a huge pool? Well actually no there is a choice of 6 strikers on the short list and here they are:-

Lionel Messi – 46

Cristiano Ronaldo – 33

Wifried Bony – 31

Radamel Falcao –  27

Edison Cavani – 27

Zlatan Ibrahomvic – 27

Now with the best will in the world I am sure none of us can see us going for any of the above, with the exception of Bony, but is 30 plus in the Eredivisie the same as 30 in the EPL?

Bony is a possible as I have highlighted before
Bony is a possible as I have highlighted before

So perhaps I am being harsh perhaps when everyone refers to a 30 goals a season striker they mean in all competitions because that would be impressive. I mean any top striker must be able to do that surely because Adebayor did it in 2008, as I am constantly reminded!! Maybe you are all right and I am wrong but I am not so sure. Is there a target out there in Arsenal’s style and price range that is a 30 goal a season man? Well let’s check it out – Same benchmarks marks apply with 2 games to go – Who has hit 27 or more in all competitions in 2012/13?

Big list?  NO

Lionel Messi – 70

Cristiano Ronaldo – 56

Edison Cavani – 36

Wilfried Bony – 35

Radamel Falcao – 33

Robert Lewandowski – 32

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 32

Luis Suarez – 30

Robin van Persie – 28

Hardly a huge list again so can we please stop thinking in terms of 25 to 30 goals a season from a central striker. They don’t really exist in numbers and if they do they are costing more than Wenger will pay or certainly demanding higher wages. For Arsenal it should be about a collective contribution and that suits our style of play and the players we have. When Wenger’s sides were at their fluent best there were always multiple contributors – Bergkamp, Henry, Ljungberg, Wiltord and Pires. Arsenal this season, if Podolski notches just one goal in the last 2 games will have 4 players in double figures in the league for the first time since 2002. This is not a situation to be dismissed lightly or to be ignored. If the main contributor in our formation was a 20 goal striker instead of a 12/13 that would be the difference between top 4 and top 2.

So the burning question that remains that is we retain the 4231 is Olivier Giroud the player to step up and add 7/8 extra goal?  I am happy to give him another season leading the line but if we really do this close season have money burning a hole in ‘Le Boss’s poche’ then we can do better? We won’t I suspect compete for Lewandoski, Ibrahimovic (too old) or Rooney (Ha-ha) but I suspect we will spend heavily on a forward. However in Arsenal terms that will mean a bigger transfer fee but not necessarily bigger wages.  This is one assumes the reason for the  links with Jovetic. Class player, big ticket price but £80k a week would double his current salary. Is Jovetic likely to bring more goals to Arsenal or more creativity? More questions than answers perhaps?

Moi Monsieur Wenger?
Moi Monsieur Wenger?

However there is a passing thought that occurs as there is one name I have left of the list above who may well finish the season with 30 goals. He is currently on 28 for the season with 2 matches remaining and his side are second in their league 2 points behind the leaders Benfica who they play this weekend. The striker in question is Jackson Martinez  a Columbian who in his first season in Europe since arriving at Porto from Mexico last summer has hit 25 league goal and 3 in the Champions League. Martinez, known as ‘ Cha, Cha, Cha’ for his dancing feet and celebrations has 8 in 18 for his country as is strongly rumoured to be Klop’s target to replace Lewandowski at Dortmund. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the Portuguese league but I have for many years at the Emirates seen how Porto like to play the game the right way ,and we all know if he would fit at Dortmund he would fit at Arsenal. He has scored 28 goals in 27 matches for Porto and can finishes naturally with both feet and is fast and great in the air too. He is 26 and heading into his peak year 27-29 as a striker. Enjoy the best of him here and admire the improvisation and the technique

[youtube.com/watch?v=EHBJEcnn-1s&feature=player_embedded 100% 250]


So what’s the catch? Well the price tag is £30/35 million for Porto to be unable to resist losing their prize asset. They turned down a similar bid from Anzhi in the January window. However if as some say we have offered similar for Hazard or Gotze why would we not do so again? Particularly if the wages should not be an issue as with Jovetic even close trebling his current likely deal will not break our structure. Food for thought perhaps and for me this signing would show more intent than signing Jovetic, although part of me still yearns for Lukaku to be honest.

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  1. some impressive goals………….how about showing some of his misses?? still some impressive improvisation with some of the volleys. Damn site better suited to us than giroud is.

  2. Good article. Totally agree with you. Did an Article on Jackson Martinez for my blog a while back. I think he is the type of striker we need.

    Another that is worth taking a look at is Braga’s Eder. Looks like someone who will do well in the EPL if you ask me.

  3. Talented but expensive.
    Bony would be a good buy, watched him play and he is very strong, holds defenders off with ease so tough enough for the PL.

    How about a striker close to that 27 goal mark, Negredo is currently on 26 with a couple of games left.
    Valued at 18 million by transfer market, he is tough, strong, in his prime.
    Watch him here but don’t blink. some of these goals are fast.
    No 3 is outstanding!

    1. Agree on Negredo amd also Soldado. Was just using the 30 goal thing as it is banded around so often

  4. Didn’t even bother reading the post as I read the first installment if you can call it that. I’ll just say this, don’t be silly, no one is asking for a 30goal striker, we’re just asking for a world class striker that’s a household name. We can get one if we want, the question is can we convince them of our ambition and make them sign. Besides, you can’t restrict 30 goals to just the league. That also makes NO sense. If you can give 30 in all competitions then you’re good to go. Serie A and EPL haven’t had ’30 goal’ strikers in a long time. Just la liga and that’s because of Messi and Ronaldo.

  5. Good article but, Jackson Martinez did not come from Colombia. He is Colombian but he was playing in the Mexican league for about two years. And he wasn’t very efficient (I watch and keep up with the Mexican League just as much as the Premier League) . He had one good season before he was sold. I just think that for the amount of money Porto want, there’s other strikers that might be a better fit. Every one or two years there’s a striker that is bought (by a Euro team) from the Mexican League and its always a gamble.

    However, I will admit that I haven’t watched Porto play this year so maybe he has risen as a good striker.

  6. The funny thing about arguments over “world class additions” is that most of the people who demand them obviously think in terms of “let’s go out and find some Messis.” Even if some only want quality, terms like “household name” also imply we should be looking at a specific selection of players. Is Jovetić in it? (Did someone say “Heskey”?)
    I don’t want to brush this part of the transfer debate aside, but I don’t think it’s right of us to demand of Wenger to rebuild the team yet again because we need a hyper-prolific striker like – ahem – Rooney. In fact, that would be just another shot in the foot, second only to not buying anyone.
    When we brought in Henry, Vieira, Van Persie, they weren’t “household names” but players with the qualities that we needed. That’s what we’ve been doing most of the time – instead of buying players who are already at the top of their abilities, we’ve been investing in the future. Last Summer changed that, and a lot. Cazorla, Mertesacker, Podolski are, in fact, “household names” – players of top quality with a lot of experience at home and abroad. Giroud is a great candidate for becoming another such “name,” and even if he fails to break the 20 goal barrier next season, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a definite improvement. And yet, neither of them was Xabi Alonso, Schweinsteiger, Gotze, Messi, or Di Maria. We were shopping for quality, but the *right* quality.
    If there’s anything I wish Arsenal would do this Summer, it’s that they bring more of the same – reasonable investments intended to improve the current team rather than reshape it entirely. Those of us who do watch some football from time to time know that we don’t really need too many changes in the current 1st XI – in fact, I’m pretty sure there’s only 1 totally necessary change, and it doesn’t involve any of the strikers. Other than that, we need 2-3 competitive players who can give us the necessary quality and depth. Let’s not be misled – quite a few quality players failed to break records this season. Look at PSV Eindhoven, who boast a squad including the likes of Kevin Strootman, Jeremain Lens, or Dries Mertens. I don’t think either of them scored too many goals, but their team broke the 100-goal mark this season. Mertens managed some 15 goals and more than 15 assists. Is he a “household name”?
    And so on, and so forth…

    One important point: the reason why we won’t go for someone like Martinez is that, like in Hazard’s case, we’re put off by the premature star status he enjoys at his current club. Simply put, he’ll cost more than he’s actually worth, and that’s not something Arsenal is known to go for. As for Gotze, I don’t believe we ever made an actual offer, as it became apparent very early that the club – and the player – wanted to raise the stakes much higher before making any moves. He’s also hardly worth the kind of money he’ll get from Bayern, but that’s just football.

    1. I agree with you on many of your points except the part you say we’ve been buying players that fit our quality.

      Santos is shite, chamakh sux, squid is terrible and Gervinho does not fit the bill buddy but other than those I understand the others.

      What fans are crying out for is a lil more quality which fits our bill, Jovetic, benteke, lukaka or Higuain fit our bill.

      1. “…except the part you say we’ve been buying players that fit our quality.”
        I expressly said that about the players who obviously arrived as 1st XI material. Even then, I’d take issue with the names you refer to.
        Santos – bought as emergency backup for injured Gibbs.
        Chamakh – bought as emergency backup for injured RVP.
        Squillaci – bought as emergency backup for Vermaelen
        Gervinho – brought in after two highly successful seasons with Lille, touted as their best player; most likely intended as competition/replacement for Nasri.
        All were internationals, experienced, with several seasons of at least solid performances at mid-to-high quality teams in Europe.

        What the above is meant to illustrate is that the error is often committed earlier. With Santos, Squillaci and Chamakh, the error was to have put ourselves in a position where we didn’t have backup for the particular players at the ready, where we had to come up with new names to make up for an (un)expected loss. Because of that, we were happy with short-term solutions, supposedly reliable players who should fit in with the squad with some ease. Chamakh did that early on, and then became a failure; Squillaci quickly became another problem rather than a solution; and Santos proved too inconsistent to make it.
        Consistency is also a problem with Gervinho, who’s quite definitely a quality player. He simply takes far too long to adjust to Arsenal. I don’t know if he’s going to be here next season, but if he is, I’m sure we’ll see more of the “scary” Gervinho than the “terrible” Gervinho.

        By the way, are you sure Higuain, Benteke and Lukaku would really fit the bill for us? If anything, I’d be looking for someone who would combine Higuain and Lukaku in one: around 25 years old, with some experience in a quality league, tough, pacy, and not goal-shy. Yes, it sounds like a dream come true, but I really think we ought to be able to find someone at or around the 20 million mark possessed of all these attributes.

    2. Great comment, zdzis. I agree. And I believe Wenger will stick to his “we don’t buy superstars, we make them” policy ’til the (bitter) end.

      1. The blog was more about the myth of the 30 goals a season striker and then this chap appeared in my research. However he is going to splash the cash this summer.

  7. Great article Dave. I hear/read people demanding a 30 goal a season striker far too often. Their teams will want an Arabs ransom for them and the player will command 250K+ a week. We’re just not in our league.
    I think Giroud’s a good player but we need quality competition up front. Some of the names above are good, also Gomes from Bayern could be worth a look. It’ll be interesting to see if we break the 20M mark this summer. I’d be in shock!lol

  8. Stick with Giroud, he is a good player. Alan Smith had a similar start and look how he turned out.

    We would have got rid of Pires and Eduardo at the end of their first season and Arshavin with this Giroud attitude; and Walcott, Van Persie, Smith, Stapleton. How many goals had Bergkamp scored in his first season and he wasn’t benched like Giroud. Let’s be fair to Giroud. He has worked hard when he plays, he has contributed and done plenty to deserve our faith and patience.

  9. This thing of “we make stars we don’t buy them” is nonsense,

    We only make them to sell them that’s all, let’s just get some quality players and a make a team that win and challenge for trophies

  10. Dave Well done for this piece.would like to know if BENTEKE is available for sale,if he is pls let’s get him,get mcmanaman from wigan,get the french player playing Dm for southampton,
    Get begovic.we will win premiership next season

  11. A couple of simple points:
    – The best teams in the world, i.e. the ones that win trophies, have the best players in the world. They are the types of players we need to sign. Not speculative buys on more potential players. We’ve pissed away millions each year on wages based on players potential.
    – The best teams in the world, i.e. the ones that win trophies, are the likes of Barca, Man U, Juve, Real Madrid. How many of our current squad would be snapped up by those teams if they were available? I would say with the exception of a select few, the remainder wouldn’t get picked up even if they were free.

    Time for this club to ‘invest’ in existing quality to achieve some success. We all get that. No more being run like a small club on a cash basis.

    1. A simple response:
      1) No. The best teams are those that have enough quality and determination. ManU are the best example – their greatest successes came when they had only precious few real stars.
      2) Juve and ManU in particular would happily gobble up something like half our team roster. Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Chamberlain, perhaps “even” Giroud, Gibbs and Szczesny are definitely good enough for either of them. Of course, Barca would look desirously at our defenders and wingers, and Real would probably pick 1 or 2 cherries.
      You’re right we should improve on the quality we have, I’m only concerned you fail to see it as it is.

      1. I am not sure what in the blog you are arguing with to be honest as you are talking total sense. Dave

    1. Mike not forgotten but he has 26 goals in all comps in Holland so would not figure in the piece. I was trying to make a point about the mythical ease at find a 30 goals a season player

  12. Burak Yilmaz…. you overlooked him so im sure youve overlooked a few who have reached the mark in previous seasons.

    1. Yes but my point is that they are no readily available and it is not common place at at. There were even less in 2011/12. To be fair I did only use the big 6 leagues and Turkey not included so apologies for that as I do rate Yilmaz

  13. If possible Arsene should get Higuain and Benteke together. So we can make a fair judgement on Giroud capability. And so we can stop convincing ourselves about his development which are many fans including me have doubt about. I mean, come on, even this guy Jackson Martinez you’ve shown us looks much better. Arsene should give Giroud an ultimatum deadline on Jan 31 2014 to fix his finishing ability or pack the bag elsewhere.

  14. I would like to say that I think we get jovitic to play as cam and get bony as are st also adding coupe in cdm for tough games and pizcheck rb abd adler in goal that is a winning team right there

  15. I think existing squad are good. But one great obstacle is consistengy. illy mWhen our forward played well, defence play bad. When defence play well, oaur forward lack creativity. When defence and forward played well, goal keeper make silly mistake. If we all remember arsenal are only team who could beat Bayern at their stadium this year. I dont think we need more players. Theo is reaching maturity while giroud slowly adjusted to EPL toughness. Btw I think we need addition of forward and one versatile defender to cover Sagna.
    Next season they will gel together, The problem is that when Arsenal are ready to challenge for trophy other team will come to steal their best players. Currently Wlser n konchis.

  16. I don’t think Arsenal will ever spend 30 million on a player who has just had one good season in Europe and that too in Portugal. Its just too big a risk for Arsene and our board.
    On the other hand going by your reviews we might lose out on the next Falcao.

    1. Hernandez was £15 million and has only scored goals in Mexico before Man U signed him. Not sure that made him unproven. 28 in 58 for Chapas before coming to Porto. I have not suggested we will sign him.

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