Five Famous Gunners Fans You Might Not Know About


John Lydon
John Lydon

Take a trip to the Emirates and it’s likely you’ll see a famous face. Arsenal have no shortage of celebrity fans, from comedians such as Dara O Briain and Alan Davies, to international sports stars including Ian Poulter and Mo Farah.

But there are many Gooners you’d be surprised to bump into at the game. From the Godfather of British entertainment to the World’s most wanted man, we take a look at five unexpected Arsenal fans.

John Lydon

“I wanna beee, at Higbury,” he’d often complain whilst stuck in the studios on a Saturday afternoon in 1977. The Sex Pistols legend is a lifelong Arsenal fan and was a regular on the terraces, particularly in the Highbury days.

He recently told Ian Wright Jack Wilshere is a favourite of his, so will no doubt be delighted at his return to form recently.

Spike Lee


Lights, camera, Football action!
Lights, camera, Football action!

Lee is one of the world’s most renowned film directors, counting Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, and Bad 25, but he is also a major sports fan. He is a fan of the Yankees and Knicks alongside Arsenal, and is often around North London when in town.

His first game was at Highbury and became hooked by the passion of the fans and the style of play.

Bruce Forsyth

Nice to support you, support you, nice!
Nice to support you, support you, nice!

Brucie has been watching the Gunners since childhood and would go to watch the side play at White Hart Lane during the Second World War. This also saw him develop a love for Spurs as well. The prospect seems as incredible as the fact he is still gracing our TV screens, and he allegedly has a half-and-half scarf with both clubs on.

Come on Brucie. You get nothing for a pair in this game.

Anthony Holden

Anthony Holden Poker Star.
Anthony Holden Poker Star.

Holden’s grandfather was Ivan Sharpe, an ex-professional footballer, so the sport runs in his blood and the writer, broadcaster, and keen poker player is a huge Gooner. In the last 20 years he’s been as successful on the velvet green as Wenger has been on the pitch and is now following in the footsteps of Full Tilt’s Gus Hansen by tutoring the next generation.

Maybe we could see Theo at the table some time soon?

Osama Bin Laden

It seems odd that the al-Qaeda leader loved the Arsenal but he had quite a history with the team in the 1990’s, so much so that he even bought his eldest son an Ian Wright replica shirt. He used to trip to Highbury when in London and witnessed the Gunners’ run to the European Cup Winners’ Cup final during the 1993/94 season.

When the news first emerged in late 2001, Arsenal were quick to ban the world’s most wanted man. We can’t be proud of all our supporters heh Piers?



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  1. Demi moore and christen Slater were often seen at Highbury.
    But now Dein is no longer there which = no trophies they probably won’t come.

    Ronnie o’sullivan is another gooner

  2. Sorry not gellar who is mcnabs daughter it is Mercedes mcnab who played harmony Kendall in Buffy

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