Gooner for Life, Gooner till I Die – A Poem


Indian Gooner Passion Part 4

So here we are at the end of a crazy week for Arsenal and I delighted to introduce my final guest blogger for this Indian Gooner Passion series. It is not a long blog, it is not a technical blog, it is not transfer gossip, but it is beautiful and from the heart, and it ends with a poem. I will say no more other than to hand over to @Goonergurl20 who thousands of you follow on twiiter and read her Gooner blogs. Her name is Amreen Bhujwala and I am delighted she has agreed to write for ‘1nildown2oneup; and being a close to this fabulous week….

“You’re a girl! And you like football? What do you even know about the game?”

And that is how my journey began.

 Picture a 12 year old girl glued to her TV screen at 12.30 a.m. watching 11 young men in Red and White playing football and jumping when any of them got close to the opponent’s goal and silently screaming with joy when someone scored.

 That is me. 10 glorious years of supporting the men in Red and White; 10 fantastic years of watching goals being scored, players being signed and 10 years of me being an awestruck Gooner.

 Growing up in a family where cricket was given utmost importance, and girls generally were not supposed to take part in any kind of outdoor activity, I broke these unsaid rules when I fell in love with Thierry Henry.

 All of a sudden, this sport called ‘Football’ became an inseparable part of my life. The only teams I knew of were Arsenal, Manchester United (obviously, because everyone supported them!) and Chelsea. I had just gotten in to high school, when I watched my first Arsenal match, and that was it!

 After that, there was no stopping me. I watched every match, wrote detailed analysis on where the players need to improve and actually felt as if I was helping motivate the team in a way.

 I then took up blogging – one way I could express what I felt about my beloved team, provide my not-so-expert opinions on how I felt about the way we played and rant for obvious reasons. It also provided me with a platform to connect with other like-minded Gooners from all over the world, learn so much more about my fellow Arsenal fans and get myself in the papers 😉

 Oh yes! You heard me right! My craze for Arsenal got to such an extent when a journalist contacted me to be a part of a story featured here

That was the highlight of my “being an Arsenal fan career!”The best thing that’s ever happened to me!

 The entire credit for the way I turned out this way goes to just one man. This man introduced me the concept of ‘never give up‘. This man is today my role model, and no matter his flaws, I respect him for what he is and for the decisions he has made to benefit the team. His name is Arsene Wenger.


One Man

 Mr. Wenger has stood by his team, his Gunners always, and only by believing in them he has taken Arsenal to a height which would’ve been sort of difficult otherwise. Yes, he does make mistakes at times, but then no one’s infallible. And In Arsene We Trust!

 Player departures affect us deeply; we mourn their loss, and if they happen to join a rival club (psst! Samir Nasri/RVP!!) – that’s done it then!

 I’m not getting technical unlike the boys here. I believe that’s something best suited to the articles we’ll all be writing once the season starts. When Dave first got in touch with me inquiring if I’d be interested in doing a piece for his Global Gooner – India tour, my first words were – “I’ll be honored, Dave!”

 An Indian Arsenal (Read: Football) female fan (and I’m sure there are many out there) is a huge thing. For a country obsessed with cricket right from the time you’re born, falling in love with and playing another sport is a colossal thing.

 So why Arsenal?

 Why not? They’re the largest football team (at least for me) in the world and probably the only team that has done complete justice to the concept of playing “beautiful football.”

 I’d like to sign off if I may with a small poem I wrote a while back –

Gooner till I Die!

 There is a feeling of growing discomfort in my heart
something tells me you’re falling apart.
No no, oh mighty Arsenal, don’t go,
Don’t give up!
For what the future holds, you will never know.
Stand tall, with your head raised high,
and remember the times you made us cry.
Live for those tears, those hopes, those ambitions.
Don’t go down without a fight.
For you are our might Arsenal,
The one and only Arsenal,
and there has never been quite one like you.
Pride, glory and respect to the Arsenal!
We love you!
Gooner for life!

 Also, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians! I gained my Arsenalized Independence 10 years ago, when did you?

Thanks Amreen. Your are a credit to India and to Goonerdom. Wonderful!

Until next time, which will be me, thanks for reading.

If you missed Indian Gooner Passion 3 from Pranoy Thipaiah please read here:

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