Gunner Legends Bergkamp and Dixon support Willow Foundations ‘Stars on Canvas 2014’


I am sure that almost all Arsenal fans are aware of the incredible work done by the Willow Foundation, set up by Arsenal legend Bob Wilson and his wife Megs, after the the tragic loss to cancer of their daughter Anna when aged only 31.

The inspiration for Willow came from one special woman’s determination to live every moment to the full, despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Bob Wilson, Life President

Willow is the only UK charity designed solely to give special days to young adults aged 16 to 40 who are suffering serious illness. Special days are organised to give the young adults and their families one off days to reconnect, enjoy quality time and to create memories to be treasured forever. Since its beginning in 1999 The Willow Foundation has provided over 10,000 of these special days and I hope will continue to do so for a long time to come.

I am honoured to have met Bob in the course of researching my Geordie Armstrong tribute book and indeed he provided a foreword as a tribute to his friend, who left us to early. I can only imagine having one of my own children diagnosed with a life threatening illness or losing a loved one but what I do know is that it happens too often.

Because of this it is crucial that The Willow Foundation is supported by Arsenal fans and by all who wish to see them continue their fabulous work. Operation Arsenal Art (@alsnotnutz) and Piebury Corner have this weekend held their second exhibition of Arsenal inspired art, which I know has been a huge success. Proceeds from some of the art work auctioned from this event will go to Willow.

Appropriate timing therefore to point out and highlight that Willow themselves are staging their only Art inspired auction ‘Stars on Canvas’ a bi-annual event that sees this year over 250 celebrities who the worlds of politics. entertainment and of course sport produce original art canvasses. These will be auctioned in a 10 day Ebay event from the 13th to the 23rd of this month and all the details are here.

You can also view all the art at the Hub, Heddon St on the following dates:

Thurs 20th 12-6pm. Friday 21st 12-6pm. Sat 22nd 12-6pm and Sun 23rd 12-4pm.

However this is an Arsenal blog and there is more Arsenal involvement than Bob and Megs Wilson as there is art up for auction from at least 2 ex Gunner super stars of the modern era,  team mates and multiple champions in Red and White,Lee Dixon and Dennis Bergkamp and one of our most famous fans Mo Farah.

The reserve prices are only 99p so what not bid for an original Iceman or a Dixon Design. Here they are:

The Artwork of Dixon no doubt inspired buy his charity bike rides:

Ride Eat  Sleep Repeat
Ride Eat Sleep Repeat

The artwork of Dennis Bergkamp – Who would not want to be the sole owner of this one off?

Ice Ice Baby?
Ice Ice Baby?

Lastly I give you the Art Gold of Mo Farah

Doubly Olympic Inspired!
Doubly Olympic Inspired!

There you go, I have done my bit for the Willow Foundation and ‘Stars on Canvas’ 2014. I hope even if most of us cannot afford what I am sure these ‘one offs’ will go for we can get involved, perhaps push the bidding up and spread the word to help rasie more cash for the worthy work of Willow!




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