IF we are all Arsenal Supporters – One Fan’s View in verse!




If you think all is rosy you’re not watching the games

If we do not agree stop calling me names

If you think we owe Wenger you’re probably right

If you think we owe him forever you may be talking shite

If you think that our tactics are missing I don’t make you crazy

If you say he has none your analysis is lazy

If you think full backs should defend first you are not out of date

If they stay back from hereon it may not be too late

If you think we have pace to burn in our ranks

If you consider it best used out on the flanks

If you are tired of tippy tappy and want to see crosses

If you feel variation might mean wins and not losses

If you feel the key lies with Theo and Ox

If you want to see them whipping the ball in to the box

If you want to see players picked on form and not history

If you find the continued selection of Cazorla a mystery

If you are prepared to admit that Per is not the Messiah

If you question Arsene you are not a pariah

If you want Stevie Bould have more of a role

If it baffles you why we don’t see more of young Joel

If you want Mesut Ozil to prove his worth over again

If you think he should earn the title of World’s Top No.10

If you want Ramsey’s back heels and flicks a thing of the past

If you want Jack on his feet and not on his arse

If you want to be proud of the fans and the club

If you want to enjoy not dread the banter in the pub

If you are prepared to be objective and consider both sides

If you prefer honest debate to back stabbing snides

If you can hold your head high knowing your support is true

If you can say this regardless of the extremity of your view

If come rain or shine you will still sing and cheer

If win, lose or draw you can still share a beer


If you remember we are all Gunners with differing views

You may just be me!

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