Let’s all laugh at Adebayor! – “Ade, are you okay? You been hit by a Smooth Arsenal.”


Adebayor’s shock at being sent off

If you are the sort of fan who relishes witnessing the misfortune  of ex Arsenal players who have left us, in shall we say, less than agreeable circumstances you will enjoy today’s blog. Yes we got a bunch of cash for a certain tall African striker but his final season and his departure left a bitter taste. His celebration after scoring against us for Manchester City and subsequent stamping on RVP turned the bitter to sour. Could it get any worse between Gooners and their ex 30 goal as season marksman? Yes he went to a certain lesser rival in Seven Sisters.

Okay so I have had 3 guest posts 3 days in a row and not written myself. Sorry but they were all marvelous blogs and if quality writers ask me or good ideas are suggested I will not say no. I had intended to have a break before writing myself on Friday been then I saw the funniest and cleverest thing on twitter, courtesy of Ian Kharitonov. Now for those of you who don’t know Ian is genuinely famous. A top thriller writer with one best seller under his belt and another on the way. Check him out @iankharitonov or via his website, http://www.iankharitonov.com/bio

Bottom line is that Ian is famous, a proven writer and still only the second most well known Russian Gooner on twitter. However I have had Anna Lvova @MadRuskiGunner as a guest twice so so time for some new Russian blood. What I did not know that Ian can turn his hand to being a comic lyricist as well as weaving an intricate plot………

Reveling in the triumph of the North London Derby last week, I watched the highlights the following morning.

The excellent video montage was accompanied by Smooth Criminal playing in my head. Seeing Adebayor’s shock at being sent off, a single question stuck on repeat: Ade, are you okay? In the end, Spurs were demolished by a ruthless, fluid and smooth Arsenal.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get rid of that annoying tune until the full story of Tottenham’s demise was transcribed in pop music form. The song nagged at me for a couple of days. Then a quick look at the original lyrics showed that it was begging for an Arsenal version. After a bit of fun making the edits, the NLD remix was born. To my surprise, the effort received overwhelming praise on Twitter. So, without further ado, hit play and sing along!

[youtube.com/watch?v=70EvLqYvJks&feature=plcp 100% 250]


An Ode to Ade (Smooth Arsenal) NLD 5-2 Full Lyrics

First you scored at the away end,
It was the sound of a crescendo
Not the first time you had done it,
Scored in the North London Derby
Spurs were above us in the table
We could see they were unable
To contain Jack, Poldi, Giroud…
Santi struck down…

Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?

Ade are you okay,
Will you tell us that you’re okay?
Then Per towered with a header
That he struck home–a crescendo, Ade
Poldi scored from the left channel
As you were walking down the tunnel
Then the third goal came from Giroud
Spurs were struck down

Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
Ade, are you okay? So, Ade are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
You’ve been hit by,
You’ve been hit by
A smooth Arsenal

The 5-2 was their reminder
Of that Sunday–what a black day
Every time they tried to find him
Theo left his man behind him
And they had no way of knowing
How to fight back or what to expect
Faced complete annihilation
But retained self-admiration

AVB, you okay? Are you okay? You okay AVB?
So, AVB you okay? Are you okay? You okay AVB?
Ade, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Ade?
Arry, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Arry?
Levy, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Levy?

You’ve been hit by,
You’ve been struck by
A smooth Arsenal.


Thanks Ian. I have been honored to have a proper writer on my site for the first time. Please return whenever you have another comedy piece or indeed perhaps a sinister Usmanov plot!!


Until next time thanks for reading.

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  2. Lol Michael Jackson must be moonwalking in his grave.
    How about persie/adey it doesn’t matter your not red n white!

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