Luuk de Jong – The Second most talented Dutch striker on earth?


IntroductionMost of you who have read me at Gunnersphere and O Posts know I like to suggest the occasional potential signing in my articles. However since I have launched my own blog I am also keen to promote good younger writers, particularly where their knowledge is greater than my own. When I have identified potential talent in the Dutch Eredivise, a league bursting with young exciting players, there have always been Dutch Gunners keen to agree or set me straight. I have touched on Luuk de Jong but I have invited a young writer from Holland, Austin Ellinor, to introduce this talent to ‘1nildownn2one up’ readers in proper detail. You might know Austin better on twitter as ‘You been Frimponged (@Frimponged)

Luuk de Jong, a 21-year-old striker for Dutch club FC Twente, is reportedly a target for several EPL clubs including Arsenal. He is considered as the most talented Dutch striker in the world after our own skipper. Better than the likes of Van Wolfswinkel (Sporting Lisbon), Dost, (Heereenveen) and his older brother Siem (Ajax). Patrick Kluivert, known to you all, is very excited and said: “He’ll become one of the best strikers in the world and will be number one striker in the national team. He’s a great prospect.” Well he should know right?



Most of you have heard of him but have never seen him play. I’ll explain you what type of player he is. Let’s start off by saying he’d be a perfect striker for the English premier league and certainly for Wenger as he is a versatile attacking player. He used to play on the right flank a lot, but now that Janko left Twente for FC Porto, De Jong will finally play as the main striker. FC Twente play in a 4-3-3 formation, somewhat the same as Arsenal, and Luuk de Jong is their main striker. De Jong prefers to play as the main/central striker; however, he is equally effective when coming with his face towards goal as a second striker. Another important thing is his height as he is an impressive 1.88 metres. You won’t then be surprised when I say he’s arguably the best header of the ball in the Dutch league. But we’re not done yet as De Jong is also fast and has superb shooting skills. As I said, his jumping and heading skills are amongst of the best. His technique is decent and so are his passing skills. He’s an all-round striker, in fact for me he’s the perfect striker.

I’m sure we all agree that Chamakh and Park Chu-Young are not the players we need. They’re not the players that will win us the league next season. That leaves Robin van Persie as our only striker. I’m confident that RVP won’t leave us in the summer, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sign a striker. We need a back-up for RVP or if we evolve into a 4-4-2 formation, we’d need a striker to partner up with Robin van Persie. You probably read Dave’s last piece on Joel Campbell. But do you think he’s ready for next season? I doubt it. Luuk de Jong, however, could help us out. Joel Campbell is a great talent, don’t get me wrong, but he’s one for the future. He is a few years younger than De Jong and he still has to prove himself. Another question we should ask is: do we have the funds? To be honest, I don’t have a clue. We received a lot of money by selling Fabregas and Nasri to Barcelona and Manchester City respectively, but the money seems to have disappeared. We’d all love Arsenal to sign Hazard or Götze, but how likely is that? Our main priority should be a striker to partner up with or support Robin van Persie. Do we have the resources to sign a player like Higuain? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t.

Here is where Luuk de Jong comes in. Luuk will cost Arsenal €10m at most. Other strikers, like Higuain and Benzema, would cost us way more. They cost us more in both wages and transfer fee. Why wouldn’t we go for a younger and cheaper option? A few clubs are interested in the Dutchmen but nothing is serious. Newcastle United and Liverpool have sent scouts to watch him so Arsenal will have competition if they indeed try to sign. However, I doubt Newcastle will make a move for him, as they have recently signed a striker by the name of Cissé. That leaves us with Liverpool but I’m sure we can beat them, right?

“I’m still very happy playing for FC Twente,” De Jong said. “But every player has dreams, mine is to play in a nice foreign competition one day. And the Premier League is a really nice competition. I don’t have real plans for the future — I’ll see what comes my way.”

It’s obvious that Luuk de Jong will sign for an English club in the future, why not Arsenal? He really is a Wenger-type signing; he’d be a great signing for us on the field, but also financially. If we wish, we could sell him for lots more in the future.

Still wondering why Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle United and Arsenal are tracking him? Luuk de Jong’s stats are pretty impressive. Last season was his ‘breakthrough’ season in which he scored 12 goals in 32 matches. That was good enough to earn him a first call-up for the Dutch national team. He went on to play 6 international matches, in which he scored one goal. This season, however, Luuk de Jong is on fire! So far he has scored a stunning 17 goals in 20 matches. He has also scored 3 times in 6 Europa League matches. By far the best striker in the Eredivisie, at the moment

I think we should sign him. He might not be 100% ready for a club like Arsenal yet but he would definitely fit in at Arsenal. He’ll learn a lot at Arsenal, that’s for sure. Every player struggles the first season abroad, we shouldn’t worry about that. Don’t judge him on his age or in which competition he plays, but judge him on his skills and goals. Remember when Robin van Persie joined Arsenal, at the age of 21? Van Persie had scored 15 goals in 59 appearances at the time. Luuk de Jong has scored 31 goals in 64 appearances. See the difference? Wenger knows how to make world-class players and De Jong potentially is one. It’s only a matter of time until De Jong will play a world-class performance in the Europa League or perhaps Euro2012 and will be noticed by other clubs, so this summer is the time for us to make a move. He’s cheap and a young and great alternative to Lukas Podolski and even a better option than a player like Higuain. We should try to sell and receive money for Chamakh while we still can and with that money we can buy Dutch star Luuk De Jong.

Please check out Luuk in action from this season by clicking here:

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