“Madness” Signing? Arsenal Open Talks To Sign Lewandowski

For Arsenal to win the league, we are fourth favorites for the title according to Online Sports Betting sites, we need a striker who can score 30+ goals per season. Unfortunately there are not many of such strikers available in world football at the moment. We have Messi, Suarez, Higuain ( well to some extent ), Aubameyang and Lewandowski.

Any of the aforementioned strikers will win the league for Arsenal all things being equal especially with our midfield. Unfortunately unless a miracle happens, none of the aforementioned strikers will be playing in Arsenal colours any time soon.

Unless of course you believe the SUN who reckons Arsenal have open talks with Bayern Munich in regards to the possible signing of Robert Lewandowski. According to an reports, Bayern Munich have agreed they will not be paying the Poland international’s “crazy” wage demands which means there is a real chance he will be leaving Bayern Munich any time soon. Maybe not this summer.

Reports on the social media this summer have indicated that Arsenal are working on a “madness”, whatever that means. But murmurs on the social media before now indicates the said “madness” is either Lewandowski or Griezmann.

Any of the two will certain be a “madness” if it happens. Based on this, can one then assume that the SUN have been scanning the social media for news and have decided to put two and two together? Judging by their history with false rumours, it will not be a surprise if they have made up the Lewandowski story.

But if true, what chance do we have of signing the former Dortmund player?

Lewandowski has always been linked with us and as all the readers of this blog probably already know, every player have their price and if it is true ( which it seems it is ) that he has refused to sign a new contract with Bayern Munich, maybe that’s because he is seeking for new challenges? Something Arsenal and the Premier League can offer.

Manchester United have shown over and over again that every player out there, bar maybe Messi, is gettable. Years back when everyone thought the deal will fail, United pulled off the signing of Berbatov from Tottenham despite all the noise from the tinytots. They did same when they signed Bastian from Bayern Munich last summer.

With the Bosman rule, players now have serious power. Yes, we have cases such as Berahino where the club stood her ground but Lewandowski is a big gun, I doubt Bayern can do much if he wants to leave. Especially as Bastian was able to force a move from the same Bayern Munich just less than one year ago.

I honestly feel we have a little chance of signing Lewandowski if 1. the player wants to the move 2. we FINALLY decide to pay the ongoing market rate.

Lewandowski is worth at least £60 million and we may just be giving ourselves the chance of getting him if we offer Bayern Munich that and the player a reasonable wage package.


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