Oh Arsene and Arsenal what to do? – An Arsenal Poem of sorts!!

Arsenal's coach Wenger reacts during their Premier League match against Bolton Wanderers in Bolton

 I have been finding it difficult to find the time or the inspiration to write of late. I guess this is down to having to write an original piece for Shoot every other week which I want to do well if I can and increasingly finding something very positive or new to say.

It is easy to write in an ultra positive mode but it would not reflect my current  mood and equally easy, if not easier to slam Wenger and be excessively negative after one of the most depressing evenings I have spent at the Emirates in many a year. So to be contrary and to not take either easy way out I shall do neither and both!

Oh Arsene and Arsenal what to do?

Soul searching after Tuesday disaster

Soul searching after Tuesday disaster

Here goes…………………………………….


Confused we are as Arsenal fans

Title challengers or also rans?

It is hard to keep track or know what to expect

Sublime on any given day and awful the next

Money to spend, bankrolled by the Yank

Money not spent, it’s still in the bank

In May the right noises, Wembley winners once more

In July arrives Cech but most think we need four!

‘We are working a little bit hard the squad to improve’

More empty words as we don’t make a move

We trust him at first, our best squad in years

But then come the injuries it will all end in tears

I could handle his theory to a certain degree

But lose Tom, Jack and Danny, it called for a spree

He says he has top strikers so doesn’t need more

Yes but you don’t play them we all know the score

Last year it was Lukas and this year it’s Joel

‘No signings, I trust them’ and then give them no role

It’s not all bad though I have to be fair

A few things keep me from total despair

I love the boy Hector a future so bright

Gabriel is the man; we need more with his fight

Le Coq may have saved us which would be quite funny

If it had not mean Arsene keeping hold of his money

Santi more central I like what I see

But Ramsey should be there I’d favour all three

We don’t play with true width so three central might work

All three are grafters and none of them shirk

Three behind Mesut to give him the space

To find the speedsters who won’t lose their race

Alexis and Theo working behind

Curving their runs, easy to find

With their pace on the shoulder if you are as good as they say

The ‘World’s Best Number 10 should find them all day

We have to different and 4312 is for us

Particularly against those who are parking their bus

Continually passing against two banks of four

Is boring to watch and the outcomes are poor

It’s not Wenger Ball anymore, they all know how to defend

So use incisive passers and the speed as our friend

Surprise them again as you managed last season

By changing formations for a very good reason

Because they know how to play us it’s always the same

Make them second guess be smart for each game

No more of the square pegs in the round holes

Get both our best finishers back in the goals

Will this save our season that I don’t know?

But being occasionally different is worth a go

You changed to 4141 in the big away matches your ploy

You won twice in Manchester to give us rare joy

Time to be innovative and avoid the fans profanity

Because to keep doing the same, as they say is insanity


That’s enough – it feels like the End

Oh no one more thing in January, maybe SPEND!


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