Premier league Big Guns watching Danny Ings – Great cover for Giroud?


I said I would not write about transfers until it was relevant and crucially I believed that Wenger would wait to assess the impact of the returning duo of Walcott and Podolski. Whilst the jury remains well and truly out on Podolski as a key member of the squad I think most have made up their mind that he cannot play the Giroud role. Reluctantly I am beginning to agree although I am still firmly of the belief that as the left-sided attacking midfielder he should have an influential role to play between now and May. Walcott’s return has been more emphatic with a rush of goals, assist and particularly against Cardiff some intelligent runs and vastly improved crossing.

Despite the almost guaranteed goal contribution from Theo over the second half of the season most Arsenal supporters would want Wenger to enter the market this month for a new striker to support Olivier Giroud.  I have no need to retread the well worn road of discussing what the talismanic Frenchman brings to our team and the way we play. Suffice to say I rate him highly and personally feel it unlikely that Wenger would look to try and find a superior model in January. Particularly when we have a fully focused, according to Le Boss, Nico Bentdner back in the fold.

So that leaves a few possibilities. One is that he goes all out for a top player like Costa or Martinez who perhaps can play the target man role as well as Olivier but offer more of a cool demeanor in front of goal. Is that likely in this notoriously tricky window? I think it less likely than option two which is to buy a direct cover for Giroud and combine this with investment in the future. The trird option of course id the one the the press are highlighting is a short term experienced option like Berbatov which would be more than out of character for Wenger.

If that is the preferred route for Wenger surely he might dip into the Championship as he did for Walcott, Ramsey and even lower for Ox. The unfashionable name I would throw into the ring is that of Danny Ings, currently banging in the goals for high flying Burnley. Before dismissing me as certifiable let me make a few observations and perhaps tell you a few things you may not have known:

–          My son was at Bournemouth when Ings was given his pro-contract and there was a belief in the Youth set up that he was destined for greater things.

–          Eddie Howe who ran the youth set up before being promoted at Bournemouth took him straight to Burnley when he moved there are manager.

–          In his first season in the first team with the Cherries I was watching Sky Soccer Saturday when the pundits were covering League 1 as it was an FA Cup weekend and Matt Le Tissier was drooling over Ings performance and suggested he was one to watch.

–          Celtic, Leeds and now Southampton and Liverpool are all being heavily linked with a swoop for the player this month.

–          Gareth Southgate has been very impressed and he is now part of the England U21 set up, scoring 2 on his debut recently. Great article on this in the Mail. Southgate –  Danny has got bags of confidence and he is a player that we want to have a closer look at. He has adapted well in things that I have seen from him so far. I should expect that we will be seeing him a lot more.”

–        The last 2 England U21 strikers of note Welbeck and Sturridge are top flight and England regulars.

Future full International?
Future full International?

–         Ings had to be patient due to injury last season and the form of Charlie Austin but since Austin moved to QPR he has hit 18 in 27 appearances this season.

–          He has power, far more pace than Giroud and has scored a huge variety of goals. He can hold the ball up well but also gives the midfield and ball over the top option.

–         His form won him the Championship Player of the Month in October.


–          His salary is very low and we could treble it and he would be the lowest paid member of our squad by some distance.  This would be a similar deal to that we offered Ox initially.

–          At the end of this season he has only 1 year left on his current deal so Burnley know he will leave then.

–          He is a bloody nice chap! – Picture here give his boots to a disabled fan after the last game of last season.

Magnificent Gesture
Magnificent Gesture


Much appreciated
Much appreciated

–          Here is a superb compilation of is contribution to Burnley surge toward the Premiership as well as a few from last season as well

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–       For the record he is no flat track bully with a huge chunk of his goals coming against fellow promotion rivals, including Reading, Blackpool. Leicester, Berby, Forest and delightfully 2 in beating at the time undefeated Rednapp’s QPR.

Of course it would be a gamble but a non expensive calculated one and let me just one question. Can a player step up from the Championship and make an immediate impact in the Premier League?

Here’s some assistance while you think on it!

Ask Sheffield Wednesday fans if they thought Ross Barclay would be nailed on for the World Cup and being linked with a huge money move to United, as he toiled with them in a Championship relegation battle last season.

Ask Peterborough fans who lost their relegation battle in the Championship if they thought loanee Saido Berahino, Ings U21 team mate, would be scoring for WBA regularly in the EPL 6 months later?

Ask Birmingham supporters if they believed last season, as he learned his first team trade for them at the bottom of the Championship, that Ravel Morrison would be spoken of as a potential England star this term?

While you are at it do you still want to ask Ricky Lambert, after his 15 goals, 5 assists and his international call up he he can make the transition?

Perhaps whilst at St Mary’s double check if Adam Lallana felt he managed the big step up to the EPL last season?

18 months ago scoring for Burnley and now...
18 months ago scoring for Burnley and now…

Whilst I am on a roll. lastly and most pertinently ask Jay Rodriguez if after banging in 21 for Burnley, as a team mate of a young Ings in 2011/12 if his 9 goals for Saints last season and his 8 so far and the England call up where a fluke?

Well there you go it will probably never happen, but I hope you found the idea a pleasant diversion from the standard unimaginative and frankly mostly completely fabricated transfer stories in the press. Having said that when I suggested an unknown French chap called Olivier Giroud in November 2011 no one had heard of him!

Incidentally Ings is, as I write 2-1 to move to Southampton – Lambert anyone???? Haha


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  1. to be honest Dave if you werent the author of this piece i would have brushed it off without second thought the moment i saw the name Ings but be it as it were i read the full article and though i agree its a nice thought i doubt he’s ready to make that step up to a club with lofty ambitions….maybe in the future but not this January Dave, and how many goals has he scored for the u21’s anyway? cheers by the way

    1. 2 games and 2 goals although both v San Marino. He will be in the EPL is not in Jam then in August but I suspect Jan

  2. Interesting piece Dave, he’s certainly performed well for Burnley. Liked your comparison with Berahino at P’boro, Barkley at Sheff Weds and Morrison at Brum in terms of fans perceptions.

    As ever, great original writing and viewpoint, always a must read – keep up the good work.

  3. Nice article as always Dave. I won’t mind seeing him in an Arsenal shirt because he’s English and we all know what English players bring to a team. but I doubt it will ever happen because of sanogo’s purchase.

  4. Hi, Burnley fan here. Really good article regarding Ings. In my opinion Danny is a very good player and better than Jay Rodriguez was at the same stage of his career. Having said this, I dont think he is good enough to play for Arsenal (even as back up) if you have aspirations of winning the league, not yet anyway. Additionally he wouldn’t be a cheap option for you guys, the Burnley board have already said he isn’t going anywhere this January and with Burnley pushing for promotion I believe them. In my opinion i dont think burnley would consider selling Ings now unless a stupid offer came in, and by that I mean over 10 million quid (rodriguez went for 7 and I thinks Ings is a better player than Jay was, has longer remaining on his contract and Burnley are going for promotion).

    1. Thanks for that Jim. Odd that bookies have him as nearly odds on to be at Saints this window. To be fair £10 million is small change when you consider we spent £15m on Chamberlain but I take you point

      1. I’m on twitter but just for updates, I don’t tweet myself! When I said about him going for stupid money I know £10m is loose change for a club like Arsenal, but I was just trying to get my point across that we wouldnt sell him just for say 3 or 4m. I agree seems strange about the link with Southampton, they do have money though. To be honest I can’t see Ings going anywhere in January but if we don’t go up this year, he’ll definitely be going in the summer.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Well researched article. I admit I haven’t seen him apart from a few Football League highlight show goals and youtube clips, but I still think he will not be good enough for Arsenal just yet.
    Off the top of my head; Beckford, Wickham, Nugent recently were strikers picked up from lower leagues by teams who were doing quite decently in the PL and they all flopped. Rhodes has been doing well for a while, but not a single PL club has taken the gamble yet.
    On twitter, I saw that you brought up Koscielny as a comparison, but he took time to settle and if we really want an instant impact signing, we’d definitely have to go for someone far more proven than Ings.

    1. Thanks for your view. It is just as easy to pick examples where it worked instantly – Kevin Phillips, Rick Lambert, Danny Graham to a degree. Also players coming from lesser Euro leagues but you may be right. Just keep and eye on him. We bought many players who have taken 2/3 years to come good so just becuae we are going to title does not mean the policy that produced Ramsey and Walcott should be ditched. That is not the Arsenal way.

  6. Well as a Burnley fan , I would like to say I would be gutted if Danny left. However I will say that I believe he would thrive at Arsenal. In recent years we have had some good forwards come through the club, Jay Rodriguez, Steven Fletcher and Charlie Austin. In my opinion he is better than all of them even now. If you watch the video montage I think it demonstrates Ings great talent, which is a quickness of thought. To my mind that is crucial, everything he does little flicks, shots with low backlift, flick headers requires a speed of football brain which cant be taught. I think at Arsenal he would be surrounded by players on a similar plane and would surprise a lot of people. As I say I would be gutted if he went but if we dont go up , he is going anyway. Finally he wouldnt be cheap as Jim has already said, but TBH nor should he be. When I see LFC paying 7m for Aspas , he makes Ings look a snip at 15

    1. Thanks Paul. Most Gunners don’t see what you see and only want us to buy superstars ready made

  7. Great review of a promising player, have seen very little of him but does come across as someone destined for better things, the thing though is we need a ready player right now, remember how Henrik Larrson came to united and literally won them the league, we need a player who can put the finishing touches quite literally, i believe Berbatov is an option but only if we cant get hernandes. This is our best chance to win the league and we dont want to lose out because of not completing the jigsaw.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Read this piece a little earlier and re read it again today. The thing I would be think about is , can he replicate the success in the premier league and specifically for Arsenal ? Big question. But more importantly I think if we even consider him , it should not be as cover for Giroud. That’s a very big step up for him and a massive gamble for us. As on today we have three genuine strikers at Arsenal. Giroud, Bendtner & Park. Now the clamour for a striker is because Giroud has little support and non existent from Park. So we should maybe think of Giroud , New striker & Dany ings as the striker line up. Will give the guy some time to settle and our risk will be minimised.

    I am also of the firm belief that Joel Campbell is still the man to depend on. I know you too feel similarly. If he ever finds favor with Wenger than that line up would be Giroud, new striker and Campbell. We will still have Theo for a different type of striker.

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