“Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.” – One fan’s plea for better Gooner conduct!

If the Gunners are united they we never be divided!

I would like to welcome back Sultan @TAngleFootball as he is known on twitter, to ‘1nildown2oneup.’ I am always happy to allow true supporters to use this blog as a platform to voice a considered opinion or a well thought out argument, regardless of whether I myself entirely agree with them. Today is one fans’s plea to all Gooners for less negativity and simply a better code of conduct. After all when Rocky uttered the now immortal words about what it means to represent Arsenal the advice should stand for fans as well as club employees should it not? Over to you Sultan….

Despite the Arsenal world being restored to a sort of calm after passing an easy Reading test, there still seems to be a lot of negative fan behaviour creeping into the ‘Goonerverse.’ Emotions can run high and people can be understandably angry and fed up, however most of the negative behaviour seems to have stuck around permanently. It was not that long ago that the inspiring quote of “Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.” was engraved into the minds Arsenal players. This is not only true for the players but also for the fans too. Here are some general issue’s I have with Arsenal fan behaviour at the moment and what NOT to do, all of which are politically neutral and something all can agree on.

I can question decisions or members of the Arsenal staff but I must do so in a respectful & dignified manner.

This is Arsenal, and I assume you carry more class than Piers Morgan. Giving people nicknames such as ‘Ivan the Terrible’ makes you sound childish and in all honesty who then is likely to listen to what you have to say? If you feel a certain way about the club and have its best interest at heart, why don’t you address your issue and try to make people aware of why you feel how you do? Speaking in Morse code by saying things like ‘Szczesny should have saved that, if only we bought a back up keeper in the summer,’ will not let anyone see your point and frankly makes you look like a shallow fan.

Is this how classy and true you are as a Gunner?

I will not take anything somebody writes or says at face value and use it as ammunition against the club.

If your  United or Spurs fan friend points out to you that Wenger said ‘Qualifying for the Champions League is a trophy in itself’, firstly it’s unlikely to be him pointing out to you that you’re club’s mentality is ill placed and that he’s looking out for his friend.  Secondly it’s extremely likely that the person being quoted hasn’t said anything of the sort. Who really supports Arsenal your Spud friend or you, why would he know about Arsenal news more than you? Using hearsay to prove a point or getting worked up over nothing is insanity and fans need to stop using it as something to hold against the club or its personnel.

I will not blame our loss on whomever people think is deserving of said blame.

Any number of our players might unfortunately have made a mistake which lead to a goal, it’s the nature of supporting Arsenal but there are 10 other players on the pitch. We win together and lose together. Don’t ask for team spirit and togetherness if you’re going to isolate a player’s performance and say that is solely why we lost a game. It’s perfectly acceptable for a player to have a bad day but as long as he’s trying that’s all we can ask for. A player can make an error but I really don’t understand the rationale behind him being blamed for the loss or what it actually achieves, bar negative consequences.

I will not abuse our players because of where they’re told to play.

Believe it or not but if you asked Aaron Ramsey what position he would like to play in, I highly doubt he would say right wing. I think Aaron is perfectly aware that he does not have all the particular skills required to be right winger, but when the boss says ‘Aaron, you’re starting out wide today’ guess what Aaron does? It’s indicative of his nature that Ramsey hardly ever pipes up about being played out of position or how he’s being targeted by fans.  For me this really shows the character and the class that this young boy possesses.  Above all however, on a human level how do we think this makes such a young person feel?

Ramsey retains his dignity and works hard for the club. He deserves better.

 I will not cheer when one of our players is subbed, no matter how poorly he’s played.

The only thing worse than a player in bad form, is a player in bad form that isn’t trying. I think the first person that knows he’s playing badly is the player himself.  However he’s much more likely to go off with hunger and determination and think to himself the fans pay good money to support the team and him, he must do better for their sake if you clap him off surely?  Better that than him feeling sorry for himself when booed or cheered at the decision to sub him. Support your players and acknowledge the fact that it’s just not his day and to start again next game. The odd brush under the carpet for a poor performance isn’t likely to hurt anyone and it certainly is better for the player.

Not all players can bounce back when booed like Eboue



Whilst we cannot agree with each other on everything all of the time, I sincerely hope that this is something we can agree on all the time, its basic issues that have slowly crept in and are making supporting Arsenal that much more difficult, it’s the rough times when we need to support our teams most but nowadays it seems the opposite is happening. “Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.”

Thanks Sultan. Guess we all need to look at ourselves in the mirror now and then! Don’t forget to follow Sultan @TAngleFootball if you like how he thinks and writes.

Until next time thanks for reading.

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  1. I take my hat off to you, sir!
    One of the best articles I have read in ages….
    For the record I like Aaron more now than ever before, for all the stick he is getting.

  2. I agree with most of your article but I really do take offence to

    but as long as he’s trying that’s all we can ask for

    what a load of rubbish, if you do not think that some of the current squad a clearly not good enough to pull on the Arsenal shirt, then you are clearly brain washed by the current Arsenal setup. They really dont care if we win a trophy or not and if your of the same way of thinking, you have lost your desire for our great club.

    Supporters will still be here long after Wenger, his board and some of his crap players have left.

    1. I agree with David. First of all you are mixing on-ground fan support with the twitter “muppets”. Muppets can say what they want before/after/during. Its their opinion and is not affecting any player. And as for the on-ground fans, I don’t think anyone plans to spend 100+quid to boo a team after they see some bollocks performance. Each and every fan heads out because they want to enjoy beautiful football (and some for winning). When week in week out there is no change, there is bound to be anger/frustration at the players/manager. And I don’t think its anybody’s right to tell that fan to keep quiet or to keep singing.

      Finally when exactly in our history have we become this ‘gentlemanly’ club with more sophistication than others. Its prudish and hollow. Yes we are proud of Arsenal believing in AW’s philosophy and being self sufficient etc. But if you’re gonna touch the “who we are” subject, I request you to watch the 2005 FA final and generally the games from before that.

      On the ground we also have as immature fans as liverpool/spurs/utd (die/break leg/etc) they’re all same at each club.

      Football is a bit like war. So let’s not talk about etiquette when it comes to war.

      PS: Ramsey in position or not lacks basic football discipline. Over-retention, delayed passes, losing possession, zero creativity, and lack of vision. So out of position or not, fans are booing him when he is losing a ball to an opp player coming from front or those silly back-heels.

      1. Rubbish from David its football not war, booing a player does the team or the player any good it actually has the opposite effect. All the things your accusing Ramsey of are things that happen to players when they lose confidence, and by booing him it wont make him better.

  3. Great post,
    I totally agree with you, what player would want to play for you. if even when you are warming up the fans are booing you! These are the plastic fans!!!!! As for Aaron the man(boy he’s only 21) is not the finished article yet, but these so called fans are writing him off as the worse ever arsenal player, COME ON!

  4. Simpering bollocks really isn’t it?

    It’s this kind of holier than thou nonsense that fragments the fanbase more than anything else really. The whole piece just stinks of ‘I know better than you’ and you simply don’t, and the fans who get on their high horse and believe that being a fan is about shutting up and not critcising when there are things to criticise are the biggest patronising cowards of all.

  5. Amen to everything you say. Booing our substitutions upsets me more than pretty much everything else in a football stadium. It has done since that awful, infamous day when Eboue suffered the indignity that none of our own should ever have to experience, however ignominious his performance.

  6. Thanks excellent points made there and all true. I too get sick and tired of the abuse people aim at AW, our players & our club & each other. We call ourself a ‘Goonerfamily’ but act like a disfunctional one. If we treat each other with respect, we will be taken seriously and listened to. I really hope everyone reads this & takes on board the points you have made.

  7. TH: No it makes sense mate, after the game critique away but don’t boob the players it does nothing to help. U are all so angry, it’s the one thing in Comon with the Wenger out brigade.
    Anyway bring on Munich

  8. Good points Sultan, best of it is not to boo your player. If a player named X,y or Z is playing for arsenal, then you’ve got to support them and encourage them at all the times, no matter how bad they are performing at the moment, because they play for arsenal and we belongs to this….they play for us. I really get hot blood when fans are boowing their own player.

  9. truely Gooner, thank you so much for such amazing article
    ,the fact that we all know but neglected it.thumbs up sir.

  10. Great post. I share your sentiments. We don’t have to agree, but when we disagree, we should do it with some modicum of decency.

    TH: you are the kind of “Gooner” who should take this post to heart and learn from it. Criticism is due when merited, but let’s try to do so without embarrassing the club that we all love. There’s a time and place for everything. Let’s take booing as an example. Nobody says you can’t criticize our own players. However, doing so during a match makes you look foolish and petty to any reasonable fan or outside observer. It’s also perfect for articles tearing down AFC (like we need any more of those during this juncture).

  11. Just one thing I have to say….. “Think about how this players who fight for the club feel when you boo them” encouragements will always make an positive impact and booing wont

  12. What a bucketload of non-sense. Why, if we pay the highest prices in Europe should we settle for a club that is not aiming for trophies? When most people criticize Wenger, I am sure they would be happy if Wenger changed his ways. Most people do not have any problem with Wenger as a person, as supporter, I am entitled to criticize some ridiculous decisions he has made – Selling Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Song, Clichy.

    Everyone, including you, has some minimum expectations of the team and, when the team regularly starts performing below your expectations, you are going to be pissed. So, to ridicule others who have set higher standards than you have is ludicrous. Sorry to say, but I can’t help if you do not expect much from Arsenal, I do and I am mad when Arsenal does not live up to those standards.

    I do agree with you on booing players when they are putting in their best, that has to stop, but not every players deserves fans’ respect. (Santos anyone?). Ramsey does and I feel bad for him when he is singled out.

    And lastly, I am not sure what you want to prove by posting Piers Morgan’s picture with Rooney. He is a British national and he rightfully cheers for Rooney when England is playing.

  13. Good article,

    Got to remember that yes ok, 3 points tomorrow and we’ll be 3rd. OK but had we have beaten Swansea, Fulham etc with better players we would be nearer 2nd / 1st than we are 5th / 6th.

    Despite any negativity. We are THE ARSENAL. The greatest club / fans in the world, and DON’T any of you lot forget it!

    Have a good Xmas one and all. From all at the BSM…


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