[Skysport] Arsenal Interested In Signing This £200,000/Week Star, 1st January Deal?

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, has recently dropped our name in the links with his client. Seluk has suggested that Arsenal and Man United are interested in the 33-year-old, but he also went on to add that a move to either clubs would be impossible for the player.

The comments were part of a Seluk’s rant, directed at City manager Pep Guardiola, following Toure’s exclusion from City’s Champions League squad.

Toure has been named in City’s Premier League squad but didn’t make it to 21-man Champions League squad.

“Yaya in January can sign a pre-contract agreement with clubs abroad,” Seluk said. “He will have many offers from clubs. China and America of course they want him but we will have a lot of offers from England and Europe.

“He is in very good shape, very good condition, I think he lost seven kilogrammes.

“Maybe that’s not good enough for Guardiola, but then Zlatan Ibrahimovic wasn’t good enough for him (at Barcelona).”

Now, Seluk has a reputation for being a loud mouth and one must remember the role he played in Toure’s birthday cake saga, before paying any attention to his comments.

However, it’s quite evident that Guardiola, who also sold the player when he was in charge of Barcelona, doesn’t rate the midfielder and will allow him to leave for free when his contract expires next summer.

Despite Seluk’s comments, it is worth exploring whether Toure could add something valuable to our squad considering that he will be available for free next summer or a for a small fee in January.

Toure has been at City for six years now and has played a major role in their recent domestic success. He signed a reported four years contract with City in 2013 said to be worth £200,000 a week which means he only has one yet left on his contract. However, he has been accused of being lazy and his form in last two seasons has suggested that he is on a downward spiral in his career.

Knowing how gullible our fanbase is, it is not a surprise many are excited at the little prospect of Toure signing for us. But to be honest, we are also currently stocked in midfield options and had to send Jack Wilshere on a loan move to Bournemouth. It is hard to see where we can accommodate Toure in our squad when we already have the likes of Granit Xhaka, Mohamed Elneny and Francis Coquelin fighting for the same spot in the starting eleven. Toure’s high wages could also prove to be a stumbling block in any potential move to us.

However, one might also argue, that the 33-year-old could prove to be a valuable short-term addition to our squad. We have missed his type of presence in our midfield for years, and he could add much-needed physicality and experience to our central midfield.

Wenger has also been a fan of the player for years and even tried to sign him in the early stages of his career. If I have to guess, I would say that Toure’s agent is desperately looking to find a new destination for his client, and his comments were aimed at raising his stock in the transfer market.

Wenger is not the type of manager who would disrupt his team’s harmony by taking a chance on a player who is a shadow of his former shelf and offers nothing in the long-term vision of the club.


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