Something has changed in N5 and who cares if the pundits don’t see it! Just Enjoy it.

Somethngs changing at the Home of Wengerball
Somethngs changing at the Home of Wengerball

Today I am delighted to welcome back my good match day friend Pete Martin (@PeteMartin1981.) Last time, a few months ago he wrote his first very personal piece about his own journey into Goonerdom, in which he encouraged fans to be the fans they want to be and not be influenced by social media. It is after all a personal thing and you can read that superb passionate piece here. Today I was up at 7am to find a new piece from Pete in my in box. I will let him explain from here……

I’m lying here, sleep deprived yet wide awake and thinking about Arsenal and what is different this year. Please indulge my insomniac ramblings before my son wakes up screaming for his feed as to what I think it may be.

Is it Mesut?
Is it Mesut?

First up, the most obvious answer…..our £42.5m signing. Mesut Özil. Maybe he hasn’t quite set the league alight yet but his influence cannot be underestimated. The lift he gave the club and continues to give. Not just the first team but the whole club from the fans to the youth set up. Personally, Old Trafford aside, I feel he’s done extremely well. Expectations need to be tempered, a lot of players struggle slightly as they adapt in their first year and money doesn’t guarantee success but I’m confident he is the catalyst to the banishment of the doom and gloom we were under after that fateful opening fixture that seems forever ago now. He is understated mostly on the pitch, happy to let others take credit and the limelight it seems, this is a refreshing change from some of the ‘look at me’ attitudes we’ve had in our recent past.

Contorted face driving team on
Contorted face driving team on

Secondly, the emergence of the team. By this I mean the collectiveness, the will to win, to fight for each other, to give everything. They all seem great friends and the fact we didn’t have to sell anybody this summer was huge. There are no egos out there undermining what we want to achieve, no player any bigger or more important than the next. The balance of humble and ruthlessness appears to have been perfectly tuned. The fist pumps from Per, the face contortions from Flamini driving everyone on, Giroud bullying defenders the way they occasionally did to him last year, Szczęsny commanding and now a huge presence while Arteta is assured, calm and composed with just enough bite. All this tempered with a real likeability from front to back…..well…..if you’re an Arsenal fan. Mix that with the well documented qualities of Sagna, the emergence of Ramsey and the run of games from Gibbs and it is turning out to be an exciting season, albeit early days.

Connections with us - Shez the Gooner
Connections with us – Shez the Gooner

Thirdly, this seems to have been picked up on by the fan base. The connection between fans and players has sparked back into life thanks in no small part to the personalities of the likes of Per, Szczęsny, Jack and Poldi. The atmosphere was poisonous at that opening fixture, in stark contrast to how it is now. Even the “One Arsène Wenger” chants have started again and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to hear it. Again, the importance of this cannot be underestimated. It means the players can play without fear; they can play knowing if they give everything they will have our support. They can try that Hollywood pass, they can take a risk or two and it shows in the standard of football we are again producing. It is nothing short of hypnotic at times and when it’s not, well, that brings me to my fourth point…..our resilience.

There's only one Arsene Wenger!
There’s only one Arsene Wenger!

We showed last year we COULD be resilient but not as consistently as this. We can’t play champagne football all the time, it is not possible. Sometimes it has to be a bit Lambrini and we have to swallow it. We have to grind it out and we have learnt to do that. I couldn’t give a toss whether it’s through Arsène or Bould I just love that we have it. We have a vastly underrated centre back pairing and a captain who is hungry to impress again. The strength in depth has contributed to that resilience. There is a genuine fear for places now and where arguably there isn’t, we have a player in Giroud that needs no motivation, he isn’t complacent, and he is hungry to succeed.

All this adds up to a massive difference in terms of quality, atmosphere, resilience, but, more importantly, points. It is early days yet, I am trying not to get carried away…..but that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited as every Arsenal fan out there should be.

This is just the beginning and if we build on this I can’t imagine the glory days are too far away again. Doesn’t it feel good? So let’s enjoy it!!

Thanks Peter. I am enjoying it and I very much enjoyed that read. See you Sunday!

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  1. Totally agree with the points of Özil. Everyone was expecting Santi to strike up a good understanding, however that hasn’t happened as quickly as we hoped. What has happened is that Ramsey has taken his fine form from the end of last season and built on it. Then with the introduction of Özil, it seems as these 2 have created a special understanding. The little reverse pass from Ramsey to Özil against Hull and Özils deft little pass to Ramsey for his wonder strike against Liverpool. These 2 are helping to lay the foundations of a good season. And like you said, the glory days can’t be too far away!

    1. Cheers. It all feels different and long may it continue. The signing of Özil has made people sit up and realise we’re not that selling club we once were. Breathed new life into us.

  2. To be fair nothing has changed really, the differences is we’ve found the right blend whilst we also have the unity and the resilience to see us through some games, nothing has really changed just that we’ve blended the Arsenal at the start o fthe throphyless run from 06 – 11 and that of the past 3 years and thats what i always felt we required to be succesful again, the 06-11 side were very attacking and young but lacked defensive strenght, grit, fight and spirit whilst the past 3 years had the fight, grit and spirit wirth defensive stability but lack the attacking fluency. the 06- 11 sides started seasons strongly and ended badly whilst that of the past 3 started badly and ended strongly, now we’ve merged the two who both know how to start well and end well thats why i believe this title charge will be sustained. for me nothing has really changed we’ve just merged our strenghts

    1. I’d actually written a long reply but it only posted the sentence! I think smashing our transfer record and not selling anyone are huge differences to recent years. I think I alluded to your point about the blend. We have a great balance of humble and ruthlessness and can grind out results. Either way, an exciting time for us I think.

  3. The most important thing this season is players who were important to us in the last season, have not left the club. The team playing together for the second season running is vital, and it has shown! Also the signature of Özil has had a tremendous positive impact on the moral of the team, leave alone the impact he has had on the pitch.

  4. This is indeed what every genuine gooner’s are experiencing and feeling in their little mind and heart at the moment.

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