Speed on! Theodore and the Pacemakers.

For years he was our only English player of note and we took him to our hearts from the moment he joined. We felt for him in the ridiculous World Cup Circus because he was already ‘our’ Theo. We rejoiced when he scored his first goal in the Red and white at the Millenium. We were in heaven at St Andrews when his 2 openers should have virtually given us the league in 2008 only for Taylor, Clichy and Gallas to blow it for us. We were so proud when you scored the hatrick against Croatia and mystified when Capello left you at home for the finals. We marveled along with a certain Lionel Messi when you inspired our come back from 2 nil down against Barcelona in 2010. We partied into the night when you destroyed Chelsea at the Emirates in 2010/11 and could barely take it in when along with Robin you destroyed them again at the Bridge last year. We wanted you substituted in February at half time against the old enemy only for you to come out and kill them off with 2 sublime finishes.


Theo you are ‘our’ Enigma

Theo Walcott you are for sure a frustrating enigma but when I saw you walking around the pitch at Wembley last nigh I felt a tug on my heart strings because you are our enigma. I guess my realization was that I do want you to sign and be at the Grove in 2016 for a testimonial. I want you to be a 10 year legend and not only because of your loyalty. No a legend because along with this special squad Arsene has assembled you have been winning trophies. So Theo stay and achieve what Song, Nasri, van Persie, Hleb, Clichy and Adebayor failed to do. ‘Win with the Gun on your chest!’

Anyway that is quite enough of the emotional stuff from this blogger. I have asked some mates who are in a band to write some lyrics for a new Theo Walcott terrace anthem. So on the 24th October v Schalke visit the Emirates please print these lyrics and take them with you to cassist Theo’s recovery. In the pubs and clubs of Kenya, Nigeria, India or wherever in the world you are congregating please all bring these words and have a rousing rendition as the team walk out.

 The band is called ‘Theodore and the Pacemakers’ and the song entitled ‘Speed on.’ I am guessing you will all know the tune?


When you speed down that wing
Hold your head up high
The defenders at a loss

At the end of your run
Is a golden goal
Yes Theo we know you can cross

Speed on down that wing
Speed on to that line
Though your dreams to play up front

Speed on speed on with that Gun on your chest
And you’ll never speed alone
You’ll never speed alone

When you speed down that wing
But then you cut inside
We rise as we know you will score

At the end of that run
Is a golden goal
And the sound of the North Bank roar

Speed on down that wing
Speed on to that line
and you will get to play up front

Sign on Sign on with hope in your heart
and you’ll never leave the Grove
you’ll never leave the Grove

Legend, legend
You’ll never leave N5 You’ll never leave N5


 Do you think it will catch on? I really must get back to tactics and formations.

Until next time thanks for reading.

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  1. Lol brilliant little blog. You echo my sentiments! I don’t want him to leave either he is our Theo! Even when he miss places a pass and can’t beat a defender, to when he looks a world beat the next day. He’s our Theo and like you I want him to stay and win with us. You just have to think its about wages as in our system he can get into central positions to score. I hope the board aren’t so docile this time and get him signed!

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  3. Theo please just stay, I have been your fan from the 1st time ever I set my eyes on you in the red and white. You are one of the vital springs that propels the gun on that shirt you wear please stay and help it shoot. Looks may be deceiving but from yours I can tell u are not like the rest of the Judas-pack, pls stay and make us proud.
    Thanks Dave for mentioning Nigeria 🙂

  4. What a lovely blog, very heartfelt.
    I also want Theo to stay & win things with us. So even though he has not signed a new contract yet, he is still an AFC player & will have my support.
    The song is terrific too. He should stay just to hear that being sung.

  5. You’ll never speed Alone Theo! Santos will be there with you always 😉

    i’ll grab my coat.

  6. Nice lyrics and nice blog overall, just one thing; we don’t go to pubs in Nigeria to watch matches, we have special places where we all meet

  7. Beautiful song for Theo but for the fans to sing along it is a bit too long. Lets make it a 2 para song.

    1. Does not seem to cause Liverpool or Celtic fans singing it every week. Just a bit of fun Edward

  8. I don’t know the tune could you give me your guide ? By the way , watta blog , great ! I Love Theo !

    1. It is You’ll never walk alone. Gerry & the Pacemakers that Liverpool come out to and Celtic.

  9. Theo loves Arsenal and am optimistic he’ll sign,don’t worry as he has most times proved he’ll come back stronger and help us win trophies.If you don’t love Theo then you don’t love Arsenal.#GoonerTillTheLastBreath

  10. Another brilliant piece from Dave. Mate, you never ever let your standards fall. My eyes got wet, yes. He is ‘our’ enigma. And this song is so much better than sign the ting. Cheers. Keep up the good work.

  11. I certainly got emotional reading your article, i am a Jamaican living in Jamaica and I will die a Arsenal fan, will certainly be singing along when Schalke come calling

  12. This is brilliant Dave. Someone get this to ashwalcott so that it can be passed on to Theo. For a boyhood Liv’pool fan that Theo is may be this could tug at his heartstrings and convince him to sign on with us.
    I would love Theo to stay & win stuff with us, but right now things are complicated.
    But still great sentiment from you Dave

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