Spending Big Daniel but it’s Unlucky False Dawn Number 13 for the Tiny Totts – NLD Special

Is 13 Unlucky for you Daniel?
Is 13 Unlucky for you Daniel?

Arsenal social media is full of panic as we approach deadline day and ahead of that the North London derby. With Arsenal proudly boasting 2 new free transfers and our rivals the 4th biggest net spenders currently in Europe. Yesterday the spending continued when they broke their transfer record for the 3rd time this window 

I thought we could have a bit of fun today on the eve of the first North London Derby of 2012/13. The media wet their collective knickers with excitement at the plethora of stellar incomings at the Lane this summer. At the same time they are laughing into their collective pint glasses at the lack of activity at the Emirates. Well whilst we fans sit and collectively worry at what exactly Wenger and the Arsenal have planned for the next few days and the Football betting community shorten odds on Spurs to finally change the North London status quo. Betfair still have us just ahead of the tiny Totts in finish in the top four. Also slightly narrower odds for the title, but let’s look back at the last 12 false dawns since ENIC arrived in Seven Sisters and super businessman Daniel Levy took the helm of the good ship Totteringham…..Simple facts suggest that this heavy outspending of Arsenal and the mass arrival of big names who in the main went on to under deliver is not a new North London trend!


Premiership False Dawn Number 1 2001/2

Arrivals included Dean Richards (RIP,) Casey Keller, Christian Zeige and Goran Bunjevcevic (Who?)

Net Spend £8 million – 50 points, position 9th


Arrivals included Kolo, Gio and Sol (From a feeder club)

Net Spend £10 million – 87 points , Champions


Premiership False Dawn Number 2 – 2002/3

Arrivals included Robbie Keane, Helder Postiga and Jamie Rednapp

Net Spend £13 million – 50 points, position 10th


Arrivals included Pascal Cygan and Gilberto

Net Spend £6 million – 87 points, Runners Up


First casualty was Glenda
First casualty was Glenda

Premiership False Dawn Number 3 – 2003/4

Arrivals included Defoe, Paul Robinson, Michael Brown, Freddie Kanoute and Bobby Zamora

Net Spend £14million – 45 points, position 14th


Arrivals included Lehmann, Reyes, Clichy ad Fabregas.

Net Spend £10 million – 90 points, Champions and Invincible


Who is laughing at who end of Manager 2
Who is laughing at who end of Manager 2

Premiership False Dawn Number 4 – 2004/5

Arrivals included Michael Dawson, Andy Reid, Pedro Mendes, and Michael Carrick

Net Spend £11.5 million – 52 points, position 9th


Arrivals included Eboue, Flamini (1st time) and Almunia

Net Spend £1.6 million – 83 points, Runners Up


Premiership False Dawn Number 5 – 2005/6

Arrivals included Berbatov, Jenas, Murphy, Davids, Huddlestone, Cerny, Lennon, Ghaly and more

Net Spend £17.5million – 65 points, position 5th


Arrivals included Rosicky, Walcott, Adebayor, Hleb and Diaby

Net Spend £6.7 million – 67 points, position 4th


Premiership False Dawn Number 6 – 2006/7

Arrivals included Bent, Bale, Chimbomba, Zokora, Mido, Malbranque and more

Net Spend £23.8 million – 60 points, position 5th


Arrivals included Eduardo, Song, Gallas and Denilson

Net Spend of MINUS £17 million – 68 points, position 4th


Big man, little man. Little man sacks big man
Big man, little man. Little man sacks big man

Premiership False Dawn Number 7 – 2007/8

Arrivals included Modric, Hutton, Woodgate, Boateng and Giovani

Net Spend £17.5million – 46 points, position 11th


Arrivals included Ramsey, Nasri, Sagna and Diarra

Net Spend £13 million – 83 points,  position 3th


Premiership False Dawn Number 8 – 2008/9

Arrivals included Gomes, Keane AGAIN, Chimbomba AGAIN, Pavlyuchenko, Bentley, and Defoe AGAIN!!

Net Spend £19.4 million – 51 points, position 8th


Arrivals included Arshavin and Silvestre

Net Spend of MINUS £3.5 million – 72 points, position 4th


Premiership False Dawn Number 9 – 2009/10

Arrivals included Bassong, Crouch, Krancjar, and Kaboul AGAIN

Net Spend of Minus £1million –70 points, position 4th


Arrivals included Vermaelen and Sol Campbell AGAIN

Net Spend of MINUS £31 million – 75 points, position 3rd


Premiership False Dawn Number 10 – 2010/11

Arrivals included Van de Vaart, Gallas, and Pienaar

Net Spend of £17.5 million –62 points, position 5th


Arrivals included Koscielney, Chamakh and Squillaci

Net Spend of £6.8 million – 68 points, position 4rd


Premiership False Dawn Number 11 – 2011/12

Arrivals included Parker and Friedel

Net Spend of MINUS £27 million – 69 points, position 4th


Arrivals included Mertesacker, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho and Jenkinson

Net Spend of MINUS £17 million – 70 points, position 3rd


Oh shit they've done it do us again. Bye Twitchy
Oh shit they’ve done it do us again. Bye Twitchy


Premiership False Dawn Number 12 – 2012/13

Arrivals included Vertonghen, Adebayor, Dembele, Dempsey, Sigurdsson, Lorris and Holtby

Net Spend of Minus £1.3 million –72 points, position 5th


Arrivals included Giroud, Cazorla, Poldolski and Monreal

Net Spend of £8.6million – 73 points, position 4th


So Gunners  I think we can say with some certainty based on the above evidence we have been here before.  Daniel ‘Wheeler dealer’ Levy and his numerous changing managers have so far presided over a grand total of 12 false dawns so let’s wait a tad longer before we assume he won’t be crying into his expensive chardonnay once more on St Totteringham’s Day 2014.

Our squad is thin but it is battle hardened for this league and is demonstrating a collective spirit not seen since 2008 in my view. The question is Robina, Pauline and Etty, ladies can you handle it?

All for one and one for all
All for one and one for all

Betfair and most of the other bookies even with a thin squad and injuries have us as favourites for the Sunday clash and I hear the players are fired up as they know Levy’s delaying tactics on Bale’s move to Spain may well be halting progress on Arsenal negotiating with Real Madrid. Even if this is not the case I sincerely hope our players think it is.

Betfair have Giroud at 5s and Theo at 13/2 both ahead of Soldado who seems to have been heralded the buy of the summer afterscoring  2 penalties.

Not sure of the odds on 5-2 but if Spurs can have 12 false dawns in row surely lightening can strike three times!

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  1. while i wait in anticipation of the players we re set to bring in,I don’t really think the players spuds have bought are worth the hype. Lamela,chadii,paulinho and the new defender are good players but not ones that will cos teams to shake in their boots. soldado and capoue re decent buys but then how do you pay £26mil for a 28yo? yet we get a player of of about the same age for free and pple are complaining. they also still have to deal with players adapting to the EPL,as well as their new team and trust me,the Ems is not where you want to visit with this flaws. then there is the sale of Bale!

    1. I agree wholly with that. Spurs have simply added depth to their squad with a tinge of quality. You are being too kind to capoue. He is actually a very poor player. He looks good has lots of energy especially when hunting balls down but 9 times out of 10 they are balls given away by his poor distribution and enthusiam usually ends up in free kick to the other side and a booking for him. He is very much a work in progress which will give AVB headaches.
      Arsenal on the other hand have simply destroyed the depth of the squad and unfortunately have not added quality (yet either) I don’t think at this stage flamini and sanogo will make up for the loss of mannone djourou squillaci santos meade miquel angha eastmond denilson coquelin arshavin park gervinho chamakh watt and probably bendtner all of whom have previous first appearances behind them

  2. Nice stats but they make it clear the gap has closed in recent years. Whilst spurs have spent big their net spend could be considerably less than ours once they get the bale cash and we make a late furrage. Quite simply spurs have done well so far and levy in particular has been a shrewd footballing businessman. The spurs fans can only be excited about their summer. Let’s not forget levy has also shifted some deadwood and got some decent fees for the likes of parker and huddlestone.
    I think its sink or swim time for wenger, if he doesn’t pull sime strokes by 11pm on Monday he will be left with a downbeat squad of disappointed overworked players with too many injuries and too many kids. The difference now is massive between spurs and us in terms of squad depth. Whilst they have a squad of 25 plus under 21 players. We have a squad of 17 plus u21s. In addition we go into sundays match with 5 major players ruled out. Whilst they have NO injuries whatsoever. An investment of around £200m is required to make those numbers level so that is not going to happen but wenger needs as a minimum 1GK, 2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 2 forwards all need to be experienced and at least 3 need to be homegrown, good luck with that, well done arsenal.

    1. 200 Million? really?! Where are you getting this figure from, and I don’t agree with the amount of players to be added either. Although they might have closeted the gap with points over the last two seasons, according to the trend of the last ten years or so, we’re now expected to hit a high this season. 2005-6 and 2006-7 is a similar patten to this past two years.

      So really you can view these figures anyway you like, I prefer the optimistic. You seem to prefer the pessimistic.

  3. Well written tho there are few points u are not highlighting. First Our points keep on dropping. second, their point tally seems to be rising. three, they are a small team and to compare ourselves with them simply means that we have lowered our ambition. We are meant to be challenging for the title rather than comparing our team with a team that hardly get to the top 4. Finally, why are we spending less money than a team with a very small revenue income? where does our money go? Why is Arsene and Gazidis get higher figures if their ambition is to qualify for a champions league? Something is terribly wrong with our club the earlier we admit, the better we start new ideas to bring us back to the top!

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