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Happy Sunday after another sweet victory and a clean sheet yesterday at the Emirates. Seven straight victories and 3rd place or better firmly in sight.

Delighted today to welcome back Austin Ellinor, better known to most of you as @Frimponged with a guest post on another huge Dutch talent we should be looking out for in 2012/13. Austin, like Kyle Embecilio is from the Netherlands so I asked him to research and write this piece for authenticity. I hope you enjoy it as I have..Thanks for reading, until next time @goonerdave66

What does Kyle Ebecilio have in common with Cesc Fabregas, Nuri Sahin, Tony Kroos and Wayne Rooney? They’ve all won the ‘Golden Player’ award in UEFA Under-17 Championships 2011. That prize is awarded to the best player of the tournament, and that player was Kyle Ebecilio. He was the top marksman of the tournament,  notched the winner against England in the Semi-Final and scored a goal in the final against Germany. Kyle clearly stood out as the Netherlands won the tournament for the first time in their history.

Kyle joined Arsenal initially at the age of 16, in the summer of 2010. Just days after his seventeenth birthday, on 22 February, he signed his first professional contract for the Gunners. But where did it all start for Kyle?

Kyle Ebecilio was born on February 17, 1994 in Rotterdam, the city known for players like Van Bronckhorst and Van Persie. Along with his brother Lorenzo (player for Ajax) he used to dominate the streets of Rotterdam. And it didn’t take long before he was spotted by a scout. It was shortly after that Kyle made the first step in his career, when joined Feyenoord’s youth academy. His talent was obvious and the praise from his coaches high, as Kyle was a complete player who could master any position. After playing all over the pitch Kyle eventually ended up on the midfield. He became a defensive midfielder that dominated everyone.

However it was not only the coaches at Feyenoord that saw his talent, but so did scouts from foreign clubs. According to reports Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal were very keen on signing this wonder kid.  Feyenoord were desperate to keep the young star, but their efforts were to no avail. Kyle joined Arsenal’s youth academy at the age of 16. He had a few problems when he joined Arsenal at first. But after taking English language courses and help from his friend Ozzy (Oguzhan Ozyakup), he has adapted to life in London well and a career of glory awaits. You could say the difference between Dutch football and English football is huge, but it’s really not. English football is more physical and Dutch football is more technical perhaps, but the philosophy at the Arsenal Academy under Liam Brady is heavily influenced by Dutch coaching techniques.

As I said, he won the ‘Golden Player’ award in 2011 for his performance at the UEFA Under-17 Championships. He was praised a lot afterwards and Kyle himself remembers the tournament fondly. Even though the youngster won a huge prize, he’s keeping his feet firmly on the ground:

“The Golden Player award was nice, especially when you see the quality of players who have won it before, but it was a team effort and us all lifting that trophy for our country made me the proudest. I learnt a lot from the tournament and I am hoping to get more goals for Arsenal too.”

He’s not only a star on the pitch, but he’s a star off the pitch as well.

“I am very conscious that I am representing Arsenal too even when I am away with Holland,” he reveals. “I have great pride in my club and people see that I have a much more professional attitude since I came to England – that is because of the way we are taught here. I get asked questions by the players about what it is like being at Arsenal and they are all very impressed when I tell them about our facilities, the training, and the general atmosphere at the Club.”

I do not doubt his love for Arsenal at all. Just by reading a few of his interviews you can see what a nice guy he is. I’m sure we’ll see much more of him in the future. He’s very happy with his first professional contract and it made him very proud.

“But I know that it does not mean that I have made it as a footballer. I know that I have to keep improving to get better and better.” -That’s the spirit!

Many like to compare him to Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira, but he plays a lot like our current star, Alex Song too! Kyle is a strong and very technical player. He’s very good at defending, but he also has the skill to put someone in front of goal, like Song does. He also likes to go forward and attack. But why listen to me when Kyle has his own opinion about who he should be compared with:

“I like to compare myself to Alex Song. He plays on the same position as me and it technically very strong. Without wanting to put pressure on myself, I feel that my game is like his. I see him almost every day and I learn a lot from him. Sometimes I also ask him for advice. He’s my role model.”

Kyle Ebecilio is highly regarded as one of the most talented Dutch youngsters of his generation. I’d like to see him as a mix between Alex Song and Patrick Vieira. Yes, I’m getting my hopes up but I’m confident that we’ll see more of Kyle in the future. He turned 18 this year and he’ll probably make a few league appearances next season. I’m excited.

Kyle Ebecilio’s performance – UEFA Under-17 Championship final against Germany [via @CWDComps]

Written by Austin Ellinor,
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