Wenger receives anonymous threat after Norwich debacle

‘1nildown2oneup’ is renown for its positivity but even goonerdave was struggling back from the bar with his glass half empty on Saturday night!

I was worried but not as worried as our under pressure manager, pictured above with the weight of the better half of North London, a large percentage of India, the Far East, Kenya and the mighty Nigeria, heavy on his shoulders.  I feel for him I really do, so I was shocked to hear from a contact at the Emirates Press Office, that Monsieur Wenger had received a rather sinister and threatening warning from an anonymous group of disgruntled supporters. The Metropolitan Police’s finest are investigating the source of the threat, but a copy of the offensive letter has been leaked to this reporter. The cowardly perpetrators have constructed a criminal ransom style note using newspaper and magazine clippings to hide their identities but the message to ‘Le Boss’ is loud and clear……………… 



THE         OX       






OR           ELSE!






This particular observer, whilst not condoning this aggressive approach does have some sympathy with the sentiment. Having seen Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s impact against Norwich, and the maturity of the display I too believe he should start next weekend. I also feel his positive effect on our attacking play was amplified when the last substitution from Wenger moved us to a fluid 442. His rampaging down the right matched by Gervinho’s on the left was reminiscent of the fast breaking Ljunberg and Pires of the golden early Wenger era, (well almost!)

Given that the results for Spurs and Newscastle have put our Champions League destiny back in our own hands I do feel we should go to the Hawthorns next weekend with a formation to win the game emphatically and win it early on. For this writer, and judging by my quick poll on twitter, many of you, calls for 442, but it also means we need to assess our current fit and available personnel, and pick on form and not reputation.

That however will be the subject of my next piece, in which I assess the potential tactics and individuals for a 442, to finish the season in style and with an eye to next season. A next season in which our heroes will be turning out like this:


I am not going to dwell on the blue/black additions to the kit but more the individuals on parade the main promotional shot. Marketing departments are no fools and they know which individuals sell shirts of course. The use of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere again is an indicator to next season in my opinion. Our future, our destiny and that of of country will be closely entwined with the futures of these 2 young men.

Until next time thanks for reading

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  1. Quoting from Lord of the Rings ” The Battle for Helm’s Deep (“crisis”) is over , The Battle for Middle Earth is about to begin . All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits (Jack and Alex)” . As for the 4-4-2 I think it might only work if we play Coquelin as DM . Song or Rosicky might have to sit out . But any one of them sitting out will affect us creatively.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me one bit,that Wenger’s had an anonymous threat,
    the way his team has been playing all season,all i hope is it ,frightends him into early retirement,i’m sure he won’t be hard to replace,a salary of £9,000,000,plus for doing next to nothing.

  3. whilst i agree with the message it was made by a 10 year old and some of the players should look at themselves again silly mistakes again cost us again

  4. Whats with all the Arse fans demanding Ox play every game? Hes 18, he needs to develop steadily.

    Mind you, I am waiting for you guys to blame Ox for all of Arsenal’s woes in a few years.

    1. Damien the letter is a joke to make a serious point. That point is that I would like the Ox to start v WBA. No one has suggested he play all the time.

    2. Hear hear. He did have a very good start once he came on in his first few games, but do we really want another Wilshere-accident? I think Wenger learned a lot from the mistakes done to Wilshere, and doesn’t want the same to happen to the Ox.

    3. agree. he’s a work-in progress. and i see no argument as to why Ox SHOULD play next game.
      On the other hand, Benayoun has been outstanding recently, and is playing for his career. and Gervinho was MOTM in the second half.
      chamberlain is at the moment a great impact player. has a long way to go.

  5. Guys read what Dave has said,

    “He did not get this note mate it was just my comedy way to get across serious point”

    I agree with him the OX has to play next game tho!!!

  6. The home kit is a new low even for Nike. Take away the badge its something the yanks will be wearing at the Olympics…What? Nike and Kroenke are from the U.S? Go figure…Y’all Have a nice day now…suckers.

  7. Arsenal will win if ramsey doesn’t play. Doesn’t deserve to be abused but also doesn’t deserve a starting place.

  8. I think issuing threats to the manager or anyone is a cowardly and uncivilised act in this modern era. Learn to express your disapointment and dont go overboard like a cowboy. Hope, the scotland yard nap the perpetrators and throw them in a deep cell somewhere.

  9. People clearly see what they want to see because the ox, made no impact whatsoever on Saturday. Gervinho’s driving runs from the left, a great pass from Song and good finishing from RVP got us the goals in the second half. The left side of our defence going walkabout and poor shot stopping by our goalkeeper ensured we could not keep it.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am not singling Ox out over Gervinho who was incredible second half, but I do disagree that he had no impact. You are however missing the whole point which is I was Ox to play on Sunday,. Gervinho is already in the team.

  10. You know you’re a credible blogger when readers begin to believe everything you include on your blog! I say play Oxlade-Chamberlain. Not sure about a 442 without Arteta around though, and Ramsey out of form, but we’re leaking goals with a 451 anyway, so I’ll wait to hear from you on that.

    1. Marcus I have no issues what so ever getting visitors to my site. Apologies however that the comedy failed to amuse

  11. i think chamberlain is still a work in progress. to me, when he impacts games, its with his speed and directness, which doesnt always work. he needs to add tempo and vision to his game, and pick the right place and time to use his trickery.
    To be honest, I think Miyaichi is the better player as he is ahead of chamberlain in those elements.

  12. Not happy even if a joke-we have still everything to play for-are we getting relegated or soemthing-suddenly everyone is a manager and knows better than the most succesful manager in our recent history-next you will be wheeling out that bung taking Graham as the saviour of the club when in fact his stupidity almost did get us relegated. Stand behind whichever players play and support through thick or thin!

    1. David you need to read back through my blogs. I am a strong Wenger supporter and always have been. You will not find anything from me asking for Wenger to be ousted. Read it again mate it is humor to make a point.

  13. trouble is these things are taken out of context and could be used by some idiot to follow up even a comedy thrteat-agree re your support of Wenger but the fans who are asking for Wenger to be replaced often hark back to some percived glory days under Graham and apart from the Liverpool game all I remmber is the sinking feeling when I heard he had taken a bung.
    Keep up the good work and your blogs are excellent I wish I had the skill to do one.

    1. I was debating with such an individual last night. What I have called for is a freshening of the support staff and today it would appear we have it in Stevie Bould which is most welcome.

  14. I’m still preparing my anonymous note. Shit, you know who it is now, never mind. Good blog mate.

    At 18 years old, Ox has not played that much at all. Yes, we need to take it easy with him but bringing him on for 10 or 5 mins nearly every game is not giving him a chance. He’s started 6 games and been used as a sub 10 times. Someone once said, “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough”. I think he’s good enough. In 3 or 4 games perhaps rest him again that’s how it should be done. If I remember correctly, Fabregas was brought in to cover an injury and then never left the team. And surely I don’t have to mention Pele at 17 ….

    Our problem is depth of quality in the squad, loads of players but not with the quality required.

    Ramsey this season has been poor but my money is on him having a blinder next season. He has vision which hasn’t always come off since having that broken leg but keep off his back and I believe he will be one of our finest play makers in a couple of years.

    PS We had blue in the kit from 1933 until 1960 #justsaying

  15. We need to finish this season strongly. A 442 would work but Coquelin would need to start at DM & that would mean Jenkinson for rightback and he hasn’t played that much since his injury. I still think Wenger would stick with the 4231 and we’ll definately win.

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