Wenger To Sign Another Contract With Arsenal?

We are going to talk about a very sensitive issue for Arsenal fans here – Arsene Wenger’s future at the club. The Frenchman is in the last year of his current contract with us, and I am sure news regarding his future will keep dominating the headlines for the year to come.

In the recent history of the game, no one has divided opinion among the fans as much as our manager has done.
Some fans believe that he is arrogant, stubborn and out of touch with modern football, while there is also a large section of fans which is an ardent supporter of the man.

So, obviously, we are going to see some extreme reactions from fans the day Wenger takes a decision regarding his future with us. I suspect we will only come to know whether he is staying with us or not at the end of the season. Last time, he signed a new contract with us he waited till our FA Cup triumph in 2014, to put pen to paper on a two years deal.

Many claimed that he would have walked away if we have had failed to beat Hull City at Wembley Stadium that year.
However, it does make one wonder whether Wenger wants to stay at the club beyond this season or not.

I am sure that he is a perfect manager for the board, and they will continue to back him as long as keeps churning out top four places.

But what about him? Can he take the hostility of the fans? What would happen if we continue to falter to deceive this season also? Can he once again win the unquestionable trust from the fans? If our summer-signing Shkodran Mustafi’s recent comments are anything to go by, then Wenger does intend to stay at the club beyond summer.

The German international revealed in an interview with Sky Germany, that Wenger’s presence at the club convinced him to sign for us.

Now, we know that these comments couldn’t be seen as indicative of Wenger’s time with us. It has happened on countless occasions before when a player has signed for the club to play for a particular manager, only to find the manager gone just after one season with the club. Just ask Bastian Schweinsteiger at Manchester United. However, it does indicate that Wenger has certainly not decided to end his time with us, and he is certainly not looking to hang up his boots at the end of the season.

If his situation becomes unattainable with us, I am sure he will listen to the reason, but at the moment, it appears that he is only looking forward to the rest of the season.


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  1. Noooooohhhh! Not another 2 years of a 4th place nearly team. 2 years of dithering delusion, tactical errors, empty wisdom, arrogance, the same mistakes repeated and repeated. Not 2 years of Mr Groundhog Day, Mr Bean double, “Specialist in failure”.

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