Wenger to unleash Sanchez and Walcott as wingers to change our season?

The combination to change our fortunes
The combination to change our fortunes

Cannot say I am a happy Gunner at present, nor am I totally unhappy, but suffice to say I could be a lot happier!!

I am not going to dwell on  all the aspects of our team that concern me at present as I am sure our own ‘Ultras’ will do it better – Ours not be confused with the club controlling Ultra’s of Italy who are role models for anyone. No I am describing the ‘Ultra’ positive Gunners who sit a dark room, meditating and singing ‘Arsene Wenger’s Magic Hat, 2002 version, so they cannot hear the ‘Ultra negative Gunners aggressively bemoaning our lack of tactics, purchases or any tangible sign of a consistent game plan from the ‘Great One!’

Oh what a joy to be stuck in between our stark and increasingly divided factions, endeavouring to remain calm and rational, which is most certainly not as easy as it was.

Enough of the self pity as I promised not to languish in it and I do actually have a brief but vaguely sensible positive observation I wish to make. It has been on my mind a while and I have written about it one more than, although not this season. I recall on the last time I may have even been forced to admit that it was a certain Mr Stanley Collymore that prompted me to scribe last time.

In every co commentary you will hear Stan saying the same thing and I agree with him every bloody time “Get the ball wide, get beyond the full back and whip it in low and hard and you will score goals!’” For all you lovers of tikka tacka, tippy tappy or Wenger Ball, call it what you will that are appalled, I am sorry but he is quite correct.

He was correct when I wrote a blog demonstrating that most of Giroud’s goals were not from headers but from attacking the near post and getting across the defender or keeper. He is even more correct with Danny Welbeck as our striker.

He scored that way for England in Switzerland:

He scored that way for us against Aston Villa:


He scored that way for England v St Marino

No surprise that in a week where we failed to create much worthwhile trying to play through our Belgian midweek opponents, who frankly would not finish mid table in the EPL, our breakthrough came via this method. Indeed both Arsenal goals came, directly in the case of Gibbs, and indirectly in the case of Podolski from crosses. The second courtesy of the fabulous Alexis just perfectly demonstrating the chaos a powerful low cross in the 6 yard box can result in.

For many Arsenal fans such goals are not deemed worthy of Wenger’s style but for me getting to the bye line and crossing back across the box is essential, at least for variety, if the team is to start winning consistently.  It was good enough for Pires and Ljungberg, it saw Walcott provide assist after assist for van Persie and with Sanchez and Walcott it will do the same for Welbeck I have no doubts.

So despite the wonderful Chambers and Gibbs combination on Wednesday let’s leave the full backs deeper in the main and leave the wing play to the wingers. Get back to 4231 and use the frightening pace we have at our disposal. I want to see Walcott flying down the right and whipping it in for Welbeck and Sanchez to attack and I want Alexis flying down the left and whipping it in for Welbeck and Walcott to attack. In fact I don’t actually care who is flying down the wing, it could be Chamberlain or Campbell.

I just want Arsenal to vary the tactics and use the mighty weapons we have at our disposal to scare the hell out of opposition full backs and in turn leave the centre backs facing their own goal for a change. This is so much harder for the teams we face than for them to watch us pass delightfully around the box in front of them where they can see the ball and watch the runners.

Make it soon!!!!
Make it soon!!!!

So come Wenger unleash your wingers and let them change our season and in case you won’t take my word for it here’s Theo from July when he heard about Sanchez signing:

With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year.’  (Thanks Theo, us published authors tend to agree!!!)

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  1. Agree to every single word in this particular blog! I always thought Alexis was purchased to play on the left as podolski’s work rate isn’t great. Alexis will make our left side stronger. Just need Wilshere and Ramsey to pick up the runs of the front 3.

    1. That could be a little problem. Rambo or Jack has a tendency to snick by their own from the middle, same as Santi. As soon as he’s fit, Ozil has to play in the center to feed Theo or Alexis penetrations.

  2. All I want the Arsenal team together with we their supporters,is to always pray that God should give the coach and the other coaching staffs the Wisdom,Knowledge and Understanding from God Almighty to know the right thing to do…And never to be ‘full’ of themselves.

  3. The vidoes also show another important thing Dave, which is when those crosses are effective. One might say its when the attacking team is on the counter, but more important thing is that its when the defensive teams are in no position to defend crosses. Often when we’ve the ball around the opposition box and the opposition has 8 players defending, and ppl start screaming for crosses whenever the ball reaches the wings along the circulation. Those occasions are entirely different from the above situations. At those times, there are 4-6 defenders all happy to see a cross because they are perfectly positioned for it.

    its not to say that crosses can’t be helpful once the opposition has regained its defensive shape, but to be so the requirement is basically the same as for a successful through ball or a chip. That’s to put the opposition defenders in a situation where they are not ready for the cross/chip/through ball. For that either a player need to dribble past his direct opponent or create a numerical overload by combination play between players or a combination of both. So crosses shouldn’t be taken as the panacea in my opinion, cause a successful cross is just as difficult to create as a through ball.

    1. Read the phrase “where they can watch all the runners”.A through ball requires a runner who can receive the ball in enough space to do something with it,which is not possible if you keep passing the ball around till the opposition can nicely pack their box.The assertion that a cross is as difficult as a through-ball is wildly inaccurate.

  4. To be honest, if wenger does not do exactly as you say….and recruit in Jan, he is not worthy of continuing in his role. For many, but sadly not Stan, this is his last shot at redemption. Perhaps even amongst some of the players….who knows?

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