Wishing you a ‘Happy Arsenal DNA’ Christmas!


Dear All

Just  quick note from me to say thanks for visiting ‘1nildown2oneup‘ all year since I launched on February 3rd.

All your comments, feedback and RT’s have meant so much and encouraged me to keep writing.

Thanks also to all those fellow bloggers who have supported me and to all my guest writers who have added variety and lightened the load. One of you has become a good friend, you know who you are.

Particular shout out to all of you who helped make the ‘Global Gooner Passion‘ series such a positive theme for the close season.

A final thank you to someone who has followed me since before my own site was launched, always supported my writing and this week has designed my  ‘Arsenal DNA’ Christmas card. The one and only super talented Roza @ArsenaloFka

Have a wonderful festive season. See you after Christmas!

Best wishes





Until next time thanks for reading.

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    1. You, Desi Gooner and A Cultured Left Foot are among my favourite reads. Intelligent and well written, keep up the good work and Happy Christmas!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed each of your posts. God bless you for that. It was informative, entertaining and an education. Looking forward to another year of joy through your blogs.

  3. Happy Arsenal DNA Christmas to you too Dave. I’ve enjoyed every bit of your pieces ever since i read my first 1nildown2oneup piece. As always, keeping it locked here.


  4. Thanks for a wonderful blogging year Dave! Your blog have become my favorite site and your writing has been so positive and insightfull. Looking forward to lots of great posts in 2013. Have a happy and peacefull Christmas!:-)

  5. Are you kidding me? Reading your blog is a blessing. If the world had ended today and this one right here is another life, I’d be a gunner and continue to read ‘1 Nil Down 2 OneUp’ – unless, of course, there’s no football, which obviously would have been a boring life. Thank you so much Dave and best of the season to you and your family. I have learnt a lot from your blog; right from day 1 and I hope to continue into the new year and far beyond insofar you still have the energy, inspiration and wisdom to continue to bleed the ink. I’ll be there. Like you rightly put it: Happy Arsenal DNA Christmas

  6. Dave,
    I started blogging a couple of months after you, and can honestly say that I have you to thank for the fact that I’m still at it. Your wisdom, knowledge and support are given so readily and consistently – it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’m sure there are a number of bloggers out there who feel the same. You’re the Oskar Schindler of bloggers. And I’m glad to be on your list. Looking forward to next year. May be it be a good one for us Gooners. Have a great holiday. Thanks again.
    Bat 😉

    1. Thanks Bat. It is a pleasure and when something is good I will use my ridiculous position of twitter power to spread the word.

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