You may be great but have you won the Premier League Grandpa?


            Not got one                                                                              Got one


As Arsenal fans, we are all pretty quick to bemoan our lack of trophies these past 7 years.  For crying out loud we are the Arsenal, do we not have a divine right to win all the time? Well sadly no we do not. Spare a thought for the fans of all the clubs who have never won the Premiership, which given that only 5 clubs have done so is most football fans.  In fact we are one of only 7 sides, from memory, who have graced the Premiership every year since its inception.

I consider it an honour to follow Arsenal FC and when I consider how may lean periods there have been since I began supporting them in the mid 1970’s, the present barren run is no real hardship. Of course I want more and I feel we are close but in the grand scheme of things it could be so much worse.

For example I could be a truly top flight international footballer, plying my trade in the greatest league of them all, for years and years in some cases, never to win the glittering prize.  I know there are huge financial compensations as a professional footballer in the Premier League but how must it feel to play week in week out, season in season out and never to win the league. It is frustrating as a fan to wait 7 years, but some of the greatest players we have seen in this country over the past 20 years have never had the feeling we as Arsenal fans and many Arsenal players have relished on 3 beautiful occasions.

So for our amusement let’s consider this greatest Premier League 11, never to win the EPL. Not a bad little team as it goes and thanks for your suggestions for this illustrious 11.

Player EPL  Appearances Premier League Titles
David James 527 0
Steven Carr 377 0
Ledley King 268 0
Jamie Carragher 484 0
Luke Young 375 0
David Ginola 195 0
Stevie Gerrard 405 0
Danny Murphy 417 0
Matt Le Tissier 270 0
Gianfranco Zola 229 0
Robbie Fowler 379 0


When you have finished laughing at all these sad non Arsenal, largely Spurs and Liverpool, so called greats you may be feeling a tad better about our 7 year Premiership itch? Not yet.  You are hard to please but I virtually guarantee you will feel better, you will be grinning and you may even laugh out loud when you compare the above table with the next one. However let me set the scene for you:

A living room somewhere in the world in 25/30 years time:

Young lad walks into room and approaches old man in armchair and says: “Grandpa, my dad says you used to be a professional footballer. Is that true?”

Grandpa: “Why yes lad that is indeed true.”

Young Lad: “Wow Grandpa who did you play for? Was it anyone good and did you win anything?”

Grandpa: “Well sonny let me tell you something. I played for the greatest club in England, called the Arsenal. I played for their greatest ever manager, a French genius named Arsene Wenger. I played in the toughest league in the world for the Arsenal, called the English Premier League and what’s more I won it in their famous Red and White.”

Young Lad: “Grandpa you played for Arsenal and you won the Premier League. Wow that is so cool, I am so proud of you!”

Grandpa: “Thanks lad I can tell you of other things I did in my career but nothing ever topped winning the Premier League with the Arsenal. I just wish I could have played more in the famous red and white laddie. After my time amazingly there were other players who chose to leave Arsenal and I never understood them, but that is for another day.”


Introducing a table of 11 potential Grandpas all having achieved something the above players can only dream of:

Grandpa Arsenal player Arsenal EPL Appearances Premiership Titles
Richard Wright 12 1
Oleg Luhzny 75 1
Gilles Grimandi 114 2
Matthew Upson 35 1
Giovanni van Bronkhurst 41 1
Remi Garde 31 1
Stephen Hughes 49 1
Edu 79 2
Luis Boa Morte 25 1
Chistopher Wreh 28 1
Jeremie Aliadiere 29 1


Hughes so promising a left foot team mates called him ‘Chippy’ a winner in 98

10 appearances in 03/04 makes Jeremie Aliadiere a forgotten ‘Invincible!

Not bad for our Arsenal Grandpa EPL winners side. 518 Premiership appearances for AFC and 13 Winners Medals to show for it. A combined total of 9 less than the league’s record appearance maker David ‘Calamity’ James, who has not even come close.

Just a bit of fun really but I hope it made you smile. After all if you win the Premier League  with the Arsenal and had the medal hung around your neck, no one can ever take it away from you can they?

Until next time thanks for reading

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  1. Great read, just shows how strange life can be. I had completely forgotten about some of those players. It’s a shame more people can’t get a chance to read it, it may put things into perspectivefor them.

    1. Madge. Guys rom news sites just click on headlines and I too play that game on occassions. However my regular readers and followers will I hope enjoy the irony. It is the negativity and unrelastic stuff that has pushed @Catsarsenal off twitter

      1. earlier it was Louder than against Barcelona. Leeds tried to annoy us but fealid. Couldn’t see’em couldn’t hear’em.The king then came on. And as almost as if God tells Song right, needs to be done, set him up’ (al a Eduardo). Now, there was a time when you knew that was back of the net. But it’s been a while and a lot has happened since. But then it happened, in slow motion, the team, the goalie, even the assist couldve been anyone, anytime over the past 12 years.First touch- sublime, 2nd- right foot bottom corner. I didnt want a screamer or a maradona. I wanted that goal.The world was put right. I had tears in my eyes and I’m still smiling.That moment was my 125 year anniversary. That was for the legends, the fallen heroes and the for those who have had their faith tested in recent times. This is Arsenal. 12 0

    2. Arsenal Football Club what a story!Just look all what happened in 2011. As if AFC was the hero of a saga made in Hollywood and the bad guys are all the big spdneer clubs. And now we get a brand new episode with The Return Of The King, who just comes in and scores that magnificent goal, his 12th in 12 games against Leeds with the number 12 jersey in 2012 how surreal is that! Even Hollywood cant do better if you ask me.Arsenal is such a special club and no money in the entire world can buy that. I feel so proud and lucky to be a gooner, to always support the team in the bad and good times. Because it is moments like these that remind you how great football is and how beautiful a club The Asrenal is and will always be.LONG LIVE THE KING!!!COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 0

  2. Really enjoyed that… I could not have put it better myself. Honour to follow Atsenal and never will be a glory hunter. Of course I want us to win things, but I’m a Gooner and support the club, thick and thin. Win, lose or draw. Good time and bad.


    Cheers Steve

    1. I can understand Wenger not siinngg The Humanitarian™. He fits well with Les Bleus; direct-attack football. On the Arsenal (by far, the greatest team) he wouldn’t work despite his amazing skills, I cannot picture him hanging back and passing the ball around twenty or so times before attempting to score.I’m not saying Wenger has the correct strategy. He has formed an undersized and overall less experienced squad in a physical league. But you have to recognize the ability of Arsene to manage a team. He is keeping the team in the Champions League without the debt so many others incur trying to do the same. (not thrilled with the dry spell of trophies, but I think better days are to come)VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

  3. Very enjoyable read. Yes things could be worse…. we could be Spurs. North London will stay red.

    1. we are gonna need a bigger sattue On Arshavin, I thought the little man played well, he was taking a battering at times, from a Leeds team who had absolutely no interest in winning, they were playing for the draw. Arshavin worked his little Russian socks off, & wen he finally gets sick of being kicked and acts out and fouls one of their players he’s given a yellow card? just another example of the totally inept referees this year. anyways, let’s not lose track of what happened tonight, a living breathing legend came back, and showed all the money hungry pre madonnas what it’s like to be a proper player & and also a fan. we will never see his like again, long live the king. Fucking great Night. 47 0

  4. Really interesting article, once again.
    We fans can also be proud grandpas when mentioning about the Invincible and the story of “mind the gap” and how north london always remains red:-)

    1. Got be honest here and will pralboby get sh*t loads of TDs but I don’t care,Arsenal is a much better run club than most others in the League.Some other clubs prefer to put themselves in serious financial trouble to obtain success.Yes they have trophies,but are also in huge debt as a result of buying big stars and having to pay the huge wages.It’s up to the individual club to decide between financial security or trophies?I do miss the silverware at Arsenal but the older,wiser bit of me would rather see the club stay safe than face potential ruin through money mismanagement.also a very happy gooner.

  5. The days where we can buy top top players is endigg closer!I was extremely pleased when I heard the news. This is this best news for us. I know people complain about Wenger not buying but for me, this shows it has actually worked. We’ve carried on competing for major competitions throughout these years and our debt has only reduced! Thank you Wenger. Apparently the debt has now been reduced to under a3190million!Honestly, considering the financial difficulties many clubs are facing, this is remarkable news. If we bought players, not forgetting high wages, we’d be in a difficult financial state. Although the debt is still pretty high (not that much considering some clubs) it’s only bound to get lesser. I know people will thank Wenger in 2-3 years time when Arsenal are the ones winning things because we are able to buy players due to having the money available. People don’t realise Wenger is looking in the long term. If we just spent, in 2-3 years time, we’d have to sell players and not be able to improve as years progress. I guess moving the the Emirates has paid off!A VERY VERY VERY happy Arsenal fan. and again, extremely grateful for having such an amazing manager in Arsene Wenger.

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